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Weekly Love Horoscope – October 20th, 2014

Weekly Love Horoscope - October 20th, 2014

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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You’ll feel total emotional connection with your partner this week — so much so that you may forget where you end and he or she begins. This can be a welcome change for you because you’re often so identity driven and independent. The planetary patterns at play now will soften you enough to feel safe letting someone close look into your soul. Your faith in love and all its possibilities will be extraordinary.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — If single, plan to be out and about early in the week — even if that means cocktails after work with pals. You’ll not only enjoy the social fun, but there’s every possibility that you’ll meet someone special near Tuesday. If attached, you might receive an extravagant gift from your lover early in the week. Be sure to give your sweetheart a proper thank you! On Friday, you can expect absolute harmony in communication with your partner. You’ll feel supported to talk about anything!
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — A scintillating adventure with your partner on Monday will certainly put the sizzle back in your relationship. You might take a risk with your lover. Nothing over-the-top, but just exciting enough to make sure the sparks are alive and well. Then, on Thursday, you will certainly make strides in intimate matters. If you’re holding back any emotional baggage out of fear that revealing it will drive your partner away, now is the time to change your perspective. A willingness to show your vulnerability is the only way to ensure you’re in a rock solid partnership.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You might feel like you’re living a real life fairy tale and if so, you won’t want to wake up! On Monday, your partner will show the most incredible support for one of your greatest aspirations. In fact, he or she may do something for you to help make this dream reality. Then, on Saturday, you and your love will consider ways to empower one another even more. You may choose to take an adult education class or spiritual workshop together. Reach for new heights!
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — Spend time re-evaluating the romantic potential between you and someone close this week. Does this person “fit” into your daily routine and your home life? If so, now will be a fantastic week to let him or her into all areas of your life rather than continue to compartmentalize your relationship into a neat little corner. None of us is one dimensional, and if someone has fallen for you, you owe it to yourself to know whether or not those feelings still stand once you reveal all of who you are.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — Expect major changes in your love life this week. Between a potent Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector on Thursday and Venus entering the same part of your chart, you’ll feel more than ready to take your relationship to the next level. Responsibility in matters of the heart has been a running theme for you over the last couple of years. The lessons in love might have been difficult at times, but overall you’ve learned what you truly want and deserve. Now you might be ready for that commitment — one that will stand the test of time.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — If you’re dating someone at the office and wondering when it might be a good time to go public with your relationship, consider Monday. There’s a strong indication that your boss or another authority figure on the job will consider the love connection romantic and sweet. You’ll be relieved to have this out in the open and move on with your happy life. In other news, if you’re having any kind of health procedure this week, you’ll feel remarkably supported by your mate. Go ahead — lean on the person who has your heart!
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — You can count on a glorious week in matters of the heart. If you’re gearing up for a first date with someone, aim for as close to Tuesday as possible. The conversation will be delightful, and you’ll feel quite optimistic about the potential between the two of you. There will certainly be chemistry! If attached, you and your lover might enjoy talking about the future of your relationship together this week. Expect the conversation to go well.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — You’ll have plenty of energy to “play” with your partner on Monday. The two of you might decide to go on a special date — maybe even ditching work. You’ll enjoy a spontaneous larger-than-life show of affection from your lover early in the week, so be sure to drink it up! If single, an office romance may start to blossom after Thursday. Developments in this arena may continue throughout November 16. Only you can decide if it’s worth the office cooler gossip!
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You and your love are in an enviable position these days. You may feel more spiritually connected to one another, and you may notice there is a tender, soft, and enduring bond that only seems to deepen with time. There might be talks about the future and/or having a child together. If you’re single, this will be an auspicious week to meet someone new. One way or another, your faith in love will be restored.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — The Moon in your sign from late Monday to early Thursday will surely have an impact on your love life. Your emotions will be out in the open for all to see. If you’ve been holding in anything, now will be the time it’s revealed — and the power of your emotions may surprise you. While your partner might be surprised over the fluctuation of your moods, at the same time it’ll give you an opportunity to see if he or she can handle the best and worst of you. With love.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — Love is in the air! Not the easy, breezy type of romance, but the deep, “see into your soul” love affair. This will be emotionally-charged, but also lucky for you because it’s exactly how you like it. If single, your prospects to meet that special someone are off the charts after Thursday! You’ll be attracted to the mysterious, silent type now — the man or woman who prefers to fly under the radar. Knowing this, don’t be surprised if the new object of your affection has already been checking you out for quite some time.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You’ll feel a strong bond to your partner this week, which has more to do with your family connections and safety needs. He or she might offer reassuring comfort if there’s a domestic situation that troubles you. Another possibility is that your mate will come to the rescue and help someone in your family solve a financial or other difficult problem. Your appreciation for your lover’s generous spirit will be obvious, and it will only enhance the love you already have.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — You’ve got plenty of good vibes going on this week, and your love life is sure to benefit from all the positive energy. On Tuesday, love planet Venus will embrace Jupiter, the planet of expansion, now in your sign. This connection may lead to a happy conversation between you and your lover — something so wonderful that it leaves you over the Moon! By Friday, you might even enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane to review the history behind your grand love affair. How sweet!
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — Words can have incredible sex appeal, and this week you’ll be able to use your mind and voice to get whatever you want in the romance department. You’ll have little trouble asking your lover for exactly what you know fires you up in the bedroom. Happily, he or she will be more than willing to oblige any request. After Thursday, you and your partner might enjoy spending more time with family or just keeping things private in the comfort of your home.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You’ll enjoy whispering sweet nothings into your partner’s ear more than usual this week. In fact, you’re likely to wax poetic! Use this edge in romantic communication to write your lover a beautiful love letter, poem or song. You might even declare the precious first “I love you” to someone new you’re dating. If you’ve recently met someone, it’s likely you have high hopes for this new romance. You should.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — Spend time reviewing finances with your sweetheart this week. If you’re having trouble figuring out a budget for yourself, enlist his or her advice. You may be surprised at how much doing this will help you sort out a better approach to your finances. Trust that your partner has your best interests at heart. If you’re confused about a major purchase or investment, such as a real estate transaction, consult your mate before you make a decision. You won’t be sorry.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — Nothing monumental might happen in your love life this week — until Sunday, that is. Then, suddenly you’ll find your libido is off the charts, you’re motivated to pursue pleasure in all ways that bring you joy, and you’re ready to prioritize romance! That’s because on Sunday, and until December 4, Mars, the planet of motivation and sex drive, will enter the area of your chart that rules true love, carefree fun and sex. This will be a time you’ll surely remember as F-U-N. Go on, get into the groove!
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — You’ll feel extremely valued and appreciated in the eyes of a lover. On Monday, you’ll show your worth to him or her by using your talents to help your mate become more efficient. Or, if your sweetie is feeling under the weather, you’ll be there to nurse him or her back to health. Your act of unconditional love and your willingness to make a personal sacrifice this week — no matter how big or small — will not go unnoticed.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — This week you’ll be able to enjoy the very best of what it means to have Venus in your sign. The planet of beauty and harmony will help you attract others easily, and if you’re already attached it will be an enormous assist to the continued bliss in a relationship. On Tuesday, your words are like magic, and you’ll be able to charm your way into anyone’s heart. Then, on Friday, you might figure out a peaceful resolution to any previous disagreement between you and your partner. Wonderful!
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — The key to your love life these days is your social life. Meeting new and exciting people has never been easier, thanks to lucky Jupiter moving through your friendship and group sector. You might have considered joining one or more new organizations, and if so now will be an ideal time to take the plunge. There’s every indication that romantic potential between you and a pal can blossom now. Or, someone you meet through one of your affiliations may capture your heart. Mingle!
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — Your love life may be so good these days that you’ll want someone to pinch you to make sure you’re not dreaming. You’re not only feeling more beautiful and confident, but these good vibes seem to be infectious, making it difficult for you to go unnoticed. Your allure is high, and so is your sex appeal, so if you are single, it’s likely someone very special wants to get to know you better. If you are already in a relationship, enjoy the ride. Together, life is beautiful.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — A major breakthrough is likely this week if you’re currently enrolled in couples counseling, or if you’re seeing a therapist on your own to work out any anxieties concerning relationship matters. Spend the time you need in private to be honest with yourself and your lover about the current state of your affair. If you’re struggling with feelings for someone who can’t or won’t reciprocate, you might now be ready to let them go. You deserve to be loved by someone who can and will love you back — nothing less.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — Privacy is important to you on an average week, Scorpio, but these days you’re especially careful to keep your love life under wraps. It’s not necessarily because you’re having a clandestine affair and need to be discreet (although that is a possibility). What’s more likely is that you and your lover require more alone time than usual, and if so be sure to honor it. Your magnetism will be enhanced, thanks to a potent Solar Eclipse in your sign on Thursday, along with Venus entering Scorpio. Use it well.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — Someone close to home might know more about what you need in matters of the heart than you do at the moment. You might feel lost, confused, and unsure about how to navigate a cloudy romantic situation. You may wonder if the person you’re with is the one you’re meant to be with. Or, you may wonder if the person you have a crush on, but isn’t reciprocating, is worth all of your energy and angst. Talk to a relative and trust his or her advice. You won’t be sorry.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — The time you spend with friends this week will be truly delightful. If you’re in a relationship, you might choose to introduce your sweetheart to a group of pals for the very first time. Anticipate everyone hitting it off — as if they’ve known each other forever. If you’re single, a friend may offer to set you up with someone. Accept the invitation! While this person might have a background very different from your own, you’ll notice sparks flying immediately.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — It’ll be impossible for your lover or love interest to ignore you this week. With Mars in your sign until Sunday, make the most of this last stretch, and be sure to pursue the object of your affection with all the zeal and bravado you have! On Monday, a new romance can get off the ground easily. After Thursday, you might crave extra privacy when it comes to matters of the heart. Expect that trend to continue until November 16.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — If attached, your lover might help lift you up and encourage you to pursue one of your most heartfelt dreams. In fact, he or she may help you out by introducing you to someone who can be of great assistance. If single, look to Monday to go out on a date with someone you meet on the Internet or through a friend’s introduction — it looks promising! By the weekend, you and this person might feel an intense pull to each other … the kind that’s impossible to ignore!
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — With the Moon in your relationship sector from Monday night to Thursday morning, there will surely be a focus on your emotional connection to your mate. You might find yourself feeling more secure with each other, and there may be a boost or renewal in intimacy as a result. Another possibility is that you and your partner will enjoy nesting more this week — spending time together at home rather than out and about in the world. That will suit you just fine.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — If your love life has been lackluster recently, expect things to change this week. On Thursday, your social life will get a major overhaul, and because of the changes you’ll make with the company you keep, you’ll open up new doors to meet exciting, magnetic friends. One of these friends may turn into a lover or introduce you to someone special. After Sunday, you’ll find it easier to pursue the object of your desire. Yes!
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — Your career will be on fire this week, so you might not even focus on romantic matters. And yet, somehow, you will be pulled into it. On Monday, someone you respect greatly may let you in on the fact that he or she has feelings for you. You will take pause and consider the potential. Either way, it’ll feel incredibly flattering to be admired by someone you hold in high regard. You might even accept a date with this person over the weekend y. Private time together will help you see that there might be more here than meets the eye.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — Knowing that you and your love are on the same wavelength is important to you — even though you respect his or her differences and individuality. When it comes to spiritual beliefs, morals, and philosophy about life in general, you’ll feel extra compatible this week. You may decide to attend a spiritual retreat together, or sign up for a metaphysical workshop or an adult education class on a topic that interests you both. Go for it — you’ll feel even more connected to each other.
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — There will be so much happening in the career department for you this week that you may decide to put romantic matters on the back burner altogether. Although you’ll have extraordinary developments professionally, after Thursday consider reserving early in the week for personal pleasure. On Monday, the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, will enjoy a delicious connection that can be like a breath of fresh air in your relationship. Expand your horizons with your mate and do something adventurous. You won’t regret it.
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For the Week of Oct 27th, 2014 — It’ll be easy to feel optimistic about love this week, so don’t let anything hold you back from this buoyant, romantic mood! On Monday, you and your lover will enjoy a day of exceptional spiritual and intellectual connection. A meeting of the mind and soul is probable in any number of ways, and because your imagination knows no limits, the possibilities are endless. Expect a weekend of social pleasure that opens you and your mate up to an intense, unanticipated experience.
For the Week of Oct 13th, 2014 — You might hear extra happy news relating to your partner’s finances this week. He or she might announce a salary increase, a hefty bonus, or other positive situation that will enhance your joint income. If you and your mate are considering a new health insurance plan, you’ll have an easy time making the changes now. Another possibility is you may learn that a joint investment has paid off better than expected. Either way this will be a week of positive developments between your partner and shared resources. Yes!
For the Week of Oct 20th, 2014 — If single, your prospects for romance become more tied to your educational and spiritual pursuits after Thursday. In fact, until November 16 you might meet someone connected to a class you’re taking, or at a religious function. Even if you’re not particularly religious this could be an event you’re invited to, so be sure to go. Another possibility is that you’ll meet someone through your travels if you have a trip planned in the coming weeks. This person will captivate you because of his or her different background, so remain open minded.