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Weekly Love Horoscope – November 10th, 2014

Weekly Love Horoscope - November 10th, 2014

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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might get carried away with a pie-in-the-sky romantic fantasy this week. On Thursday, you’ll feel enchanted with your lover, and you will be certain he or she can do no wrong. Before you put your sweetheart up on that pedestal, take a moment to remind yourself that we are all only human. Yes, that means even your partner will have a flaw or two. But that’s OK, because you’ll love ’em no matter what this week.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — You want it all. You want to live life out loud, love with all your heart, and make the most of every opportunity for desire. Yet this week you may also realize that life cannot be a total glutton fest — at least not all the time. If you keep overdoing it when it comes to pursuing pleasure, you might begin to wonder if you’re only trying to fill in empty space. Your heart deserves more substance.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — You’ll be so busy and ambitious pursuing career opportunities early in the week that you might not make too much time for romance. Still, Venus and Saturn will embrace in your 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy on Wednesday, prompting you to take stock of what’s happening in your relationship. You might have a sober realization about a joint financial matter or a situation blocking your capacity to truly open up in relationship. Although difficult to confront, it will lead to a breakthrough. Be willing to face it realistically.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — Be very careful not to misinterpret a signal from one of your pals as a romantic invitation. Mixed messages in the love department will likely run high for you, especially on Thursday. Ask your friend or any other social contact to clarify what his or her sweet intentions really mean. Are they symbolic of kinship, or suggestive of something more? If you’re in a relationship, there might be a financial fresh start between the two of you after Saturday.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — If you’re feeling extra emotional these days, try not to hide your sensitivity. Wearing your heart on your sleeve may be exactly what you need to do in order to make your partner realize what it is that you truly need in your relationship. Approach your mate after Saturday with what weighs most heavily on your mind. He or she will be more receptive to hearing you — and listening. If nothing else, at least you’ll feel validated.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — A turning point in your relationship is likely. Venus will conjunct Saturn in your partnership sector on Wednesday, making it painfully obvious that you and your mate are experiencing circumstances that will either band you together or tear you apart. If you’re committed to weathering any storm together, then you’ll only hold tighter to one another this week. If, however, there is a circumstance that has made you feel less loved or lovable by your mate, you might reach a breaking point this week.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might feel so distracted in love that it blurs your ambitions, leading you to drop the ball in an important professional matter. Ask your partner to help you stay on your career track. Encourage him or her to guide you back to your goals rather than deter you from them. Although your lover wouldn’t sabotage you intentionally, if you don’t make this request clear it’s possible that both of you will get too swept away in romance this week, forgetting about anything else.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — If you’re having a difficult time being physically available to your partner, you might need to confront whether or not there’s an underlying reason for your behavior this week. You might feel extra vulnerable, and because of this you find yourself pulling away from your lover. Talk to someone you trust, such as a counselor or confidante. This situation is likely deeply rooted in your past. You deserve to be freed from it but you may not be able to do it alone.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — You and your partner might enjoy a boost in the intimacy department this week! On Monday, Mars and Pluto will collide in the part of your chart that connects to shared physical resources. While this might lead to a definite change in how you and your mate handle finances together, another happy side effect of this alignment will be that it enhances your sex drive. If you and your partner do end up in an argument over money this week, the good news is that you’ll make up quickly! In fact, Venus enters your partnership sector on Sunday, and you can look forward to extra harmony until December 10.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might feel torn about whether or not to pursue an office romance. On the one hand, it’s possible you’ll truly feel as if you and this colleague are soul mates, and that you can’t possibly ignore the fluttering of your heart every day at the office. Still, a part of you might be overly idealistic about the situation, and if there is a clear office policy prohibiting you to date anyone you work with, it might cause trouble to violate it. Make sure it’s worth the risk.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — A change in your social life will help you figure out what the best course of action is concerning your love life. If you need to explore a new social landscape, this week you’ll begin to come to terms with the fact that in order to do so, you may need to let go of one way of relating. Perhaps you’re staying with a certain circle of friends or a lover because you feel a false sense of security. You may want to revisit that line of thinking, because if it’s true you’re only cheating yourself.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — Love continues to be serious business. On Wednesday, it’s possible you and your sweetheart will have a sobering reality check on the strength of your connection. If there are circumstances in either of your lives that make it difficult for you to spend time together, events this week may lead to a decision that now is not the best time for romance. Alternatively, if you have fallen in love with each other, you might commit to becoming exclusive or otherwise take your relationship to the next level — whatever that means for you.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — Your sex drive might take on a highly spiritualized tone, making it impossible for you to get physical with anyone without a true emotional connection. If you’re in a relationship with anyone, your sex life together might be extra tender and romantic now. You might even feel as if the two of you are living a real life fairy tale together. If single, you might miss the boat if someone tries to approach you. An opportunity for love might not be seen past all of your unrealistic romantic notions.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — You may feel so enthusiastic about your love life these days that you want everyone to feel the same way as you do about your sweetheart. This week, however, try not to go overboard with this tendency — especially when it comes to family members. Introducing your lover to your clan is one thing, but trying to make them all BFF’s overnight is another thing entirely. Allow the relationship between your family and your partner to evolve naturally. Interfering will only put pressure on both sides.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — Love is in the air! On Sunday, Venus will enter your true love sector for the first time in nearly a year. She’ll remain in this part of your chart until December 10, offering you an incredible opportunity to maximize romance potential. If you’re dating someone special, you and your sweetheart are likely to feel more in love than ever. If single, this will be an ideal time to get out and mingle with new, interesting people. You might not be single for much longer.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might spend time fantasizing with your mate about creating the ideal home situation. In the best possible scenario, the two of you will daydream together and figure out how to make this possible. Unfortunately, there is also the potential for you to feel slightly disappointed about how things are really going these days with your family and your mate. Perhaps one of your relatives isn’t feeling the love for your partner in the same way as you. This could be a problem you’ll need to address. Ignoring it will only make it worse.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — Conversations with your partner should prove to be extra fulfilling this week. You might have an opportunity to discuss a sensitive situation with your lover on Monday, and if so you’ll notice that he or she is making you feel validated and important as you convey your concerns. This will help you open up and trust in communicating personal information that would otherwise leave you feeling vulnerable. The end result? A deeper connection with your mate.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — It’s time to get your sexy back! On Monday, Mars and Pluto will collide in your romance sector in the most sizzling way possible. Because Mars rules libido and energy, and Pluto intensifies whatever it touches … well, you know what you’ll be busy doing. If you’re single this might leave you feeling quite restless. If you’ve recently met someone, the relationship may quickly turn sexual because the chemistry between you will be palpable. You’ll have little problem pursuing what you desire.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might not want to talk too much about your love life this week to pals at work. Your dialogue about love and your relationship might come across as so over idealized that you somehow manage to become the topic of office gossip. Your coworkers might believe that you’re more deluded by your lover or your romantic notions than anything else. Save yourself the trouble of needing to justify your personal feelings and keep them to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — Intimate matters will be more of a focus between you and your partner this week. If there is any situation between the two of you about finances or your sex life that causes feelings of resentment, you’ll want to work through it. Sweeping it under the rug will only make it worse — even if you convince yourself that it’s better in order to keep the peace. You can’t ignore this problem. Make the choice to work through it together.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — You might not feel valued by your partner on Wednesday. If you’re not feeling the love, this will be a good time to approach your mate and talk about why you’re feeling unappreciated. He or she might not even realize this is happening, and awareness might be all that’s necessary to help change things. After Sunday it’ll be easier than ever to communicate with your love. Expect that trend to continue until December 10.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — Avoid lending or giving money to your sweetheart this week. Keep finances and romance as separate as possible, because you might be in a position where you lack your usual penetrating ability to know whether your mate is being forthright. It’s not that he or she will attempt to rip you off. What’s more likely to happen is that your love will mention wanting to buy something that is out of financial reach. Hearing the person you love express disappointment might ignite your compassion so much that you decide to lay out the cash. Be careful; you might set yourself up for feeling used later on.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — You might feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster this week. A Full Moon in your partnership sector on Thursday might lead to a level of awareness about your relationship that you’d rather not face. While it might threaten your feeling of security within your marriage or partnership, at the same time this will lead to necessary changes that can ultimately make your connection deeper. Overall, it’ll be worth the discomfort.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — If you and your mate have something going on that requires you to join forces and commit to moving through together, it’ll be a good time to prove that you’ve got what it takes. Once you make up your mind to be in a relationship you can be loyal to a fault — through good times and bad. If you’re single, you might spend extra time considering what you really need in a relationship. One thing is for certain: You won’t settle for anything less than you know you deserve.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You’ll feel certain the glass is half full in matters of the heart this week, no matter what anyone tries to do to convince you otherwise. In fact, don’t be surprised if one of your relatives tries to discourage you when he or she notices how optimistic you are about your love life. This family member might caution you that you’re wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to your romantic life, and that you’re not seeing things clearly. That’s OK — rose-colored glasses suit you just fine this week.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — Everything about your love life is private these days. How you feel, who you have a crush on, what you do with your lover … or what you fantasize about doing with your dream lover. All of this is par for the course when Venus tours your 12th House of Secrecy and Seclusion. This week, Mercury joins your 12th house, making you even more discreet about communication with a lover. Or, not communicating with a lover at all.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — Don’t allow any self-doubts or insecurities about love overwhelm you near Wednesday. If there’s an issue to work through with your love (or, more importantly, with yourself), this will be a fine opportunity to make progress. Do the work necessary and you won’t regret it! By Sunday you’ll be in an entirely different place. Venus will enter your sign, opening you up to a phase of extra special magnetism and confidence. This will boost your love life until December 10, and more importantly it will also boost the love you feel for yourself.
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — If you’re keeping secrets from your lover, or if you suspect that he or she is holding something back from you, set the record straight. On the one hand, there’s something deliciously discreet about your love life these days. Perhaps you and your sweetheart are the only two people who know some magical information, and if so you’ll relish it together this week. On the other hand, however, there is the potential that instead of keeping a secret from the rest of the world, one of you is holding back information from the other. Make sure you’re not that couple.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — A Full Moon in your true love sector on Thursday might lead to a turning point between you and your playmate. If you’ve realized that feelings are deeper than a casual affair, it may no longer be possible for you to continue playing lighthearted love games. You’re better off declaring how you truly feel and risking losing the relationship than hanging on with the hopes that eventually it’ll change. If you want it to be more meaningful, someone must call the elephant in the room. It might as well be you.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — Your sexy factor will be a solid 10 this week! Mars and Pluto will engage in a sizzling conjunction in your sign on Monday, allowing you to ooze erotic vibes wherever you go without even trying! Remember that you might send someone signals of interest without realizing it because this energy will be so strong. If you’re not truly into the person, then this might lead to a couple of unwanted advances. Use this energy to pursue the person you’re with or the person you want. Then you won’t be disappointed!
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — Your social life might feel too good to be true these days. Your friends are likely to treat you well, and you’re probably enjoying a special phase of enjoyment with pals. If single, it’s possible you and one of your friends are considering exploring the mutual chemistry you share. On Thursday, make sure you’re being realistic about this, and that your pal reciprocates the affection. Otherwise, you’ll only feel disappointed at the outcome. After Sunday consider joining a new group or club. You might meet someone very special.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — You might be more of an opportunist in love than usual this week. Mercury, the ruler of your romance sector, will enter your 10th House of Profession and Status on Saturday. Mercury remains in this part of your chart until November 27, and during this time you may notice it’s more important to you to date someone with ambition and goals that you find impressive. You want to be with someone you can feel proud of — someone you truly respect. If you can’t say that about the person you’re with, there might be a problem.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — If you’re single and things have been slow in the romance department, take heart — your social life will change this week, opening up new windows of opportunity. On Sunday, Venus will move into the area of your chart ruling friends and social connections. Until December 10, you’ll have an easier time meeting others and making new friends. Because you’ll be more likely to attend events and parties, it’ll be easy to mingle and catch someone’s eye. Another possibility is that a friendship will blossom into something more. Are you ready?
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For the Week of Nov 17th, 2014 — You might have so much faith and focus on your love life this week that it distracts you from a major career opportunity. Another possibility is that you’ll misread signals from a boss or other VIP. You might feel certain that he or she is attracted to you and is sending flirty signals your way. Before you jump to conclusions, take a step back and decipher whether or not these are friendly, appropriate compliments, or if an actual pass is being made. You’ll know for sure by Sunday.
For the Week of Nov 3rd, 2014 — You might feel a greater sense of optimism this week as you talk to your partner. Mercury, the ruler of your relationship sector, changes signs on Saturday, and entering the 9th house of your chart. This is the area that rules faith, religion, spirituality and higher education. As a result, you and your partner might spend more time discussing philosophy or religion, or you may even decide to take an adult education class together on a topic you both find intriguing. Go ahead — expand your horizons. Together.
For the Week of Nov 10th, 2014 — On Monday, you might get into an argument with one of your pals that quickly escalates. Don’t lose your temper and do something that you might regret later. Then, on Sunday, Neptune (your ruler) turns direct in your sign. This planet of spirituality and confusion might leave you feeling especially vulnerable in your love life. Trusting your instinct about a situation might be difficult, but it’ll be all you have to go on. If you’ve been avoiding a problem in your relationship, it’ll be impossible to ignore now.