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Weekly Love Horoscope – February 16th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - February 16th, 2015

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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — You’re in an enviable position when it comes to love. With Venus and Mars continuing to move through your sign, you’re basically impossible to resist these days. On Tuesday, Venus will trine Saturn, and then, on Wednesday, Mars will trine Saturn. The fact that the cosmic lovers are making the most fortunate link to the planet of stability and commitment suggests that whatever is happening now in your love life has true staying power. Wow!
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Lucky you, Aries — this week your social life will begin to pop again — in a good way! On Wednesday, Mercury will turn direct in your 11th House of Groups and Friends, allowing you to clear up any mixed messages between you and a pal. If there has been any confusion about a “friends with benefits” situation, this week you’re likely to have a moment of clarity. Also, you will have much better luck pursuing new dating material from an online dating website.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Delicious. That pretty much sums up your romantic potential this week. You are certainly “it” when it comes to passion. Mars, your ruler, enters your sign on Thursday, followed quickly by Venus on Friday. With the planets of sex and love in YOUR sign, you can pretty much count on having more fun in your social life … and in bed. Sunday will be an off-the-charts day for chemistry and pleasure. Make it count!
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — Your faith in love will be unshakeable this week. Even if you haven’t found “the one” just yet, you’ll know that he or she is out there. You’ll somehow make peace with knowing that when the time is right, the person that is meant to be yours will arrive. What is meant to be yours will not pass you by. If attached, you and your sweetheart might spend more time this week talking about faith. You’ll assess how each of your beliefs gels with your relationship. Expect compatibility.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — There might not be much time for love this week. Hey, not every week can be heart-pounding, can it? In your case, Taurus, this week it’ll be time to set the record straight in your professional life. It appears that you and your boss are due for a conversation that will clear up any confusion about your role in the company. Don’t worry, the end result will be positive, and it should lead to a lovely opportunity. If you happen to have a crush on your boss or other authority figure connected to your career, this might be the week you decide to reveal it — for better or worse.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — A secret love affair might heat up for you this week. Hopefully, it’s nothing scandalous — and you’re not caught up in a love triangle. More likely, it’s not the case because you’re someone who takes matters of the heart quite seriously. The more likely scenario is that you have had a crush on someone for a very long time, and up until now there hasn’t been the opportunity to do anything about it. Or, you simply haven’t had the courage. Now, all of that will change. Goody!
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — A healthy, stable social life will solidify your love life this week. You and your mate are likely to join a new group or organization together. Perhaps there’s a topic that interests you both and you’ve decided to explore it as a couple. This will be a great time to do so! You’ll meet other like-minded couples, and you’ll possibly make friends that last a lifetime. There’s also something about being more social together that could spice up your sex life. Most likely, it’ll be that the two of you realize how lucky you are to have each other once you get home.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn direct on Wednesday, you’ll certainly begin to feel like your old self again. You might have experienced extra trouble since January 21, relating to communication matters. In terms of your love life, it’s possible that you and your sweetheart have experienced significant disagreement about a spiritual, education or moral matter. Now you’ll find a way to meet in the middle, respecting one another’s different views without it putting a monkey wrench in romance.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — You might be so focused on talking to your partner about money matters this week that romance takes a backseat. There’s a conversation you and your sweetie are ready to have by Sunday that involves shared resources. Perhaps you’re ready to make a decision that involves co-mingling funds in a way you have not in the past. This could be anything from a joint checking account to a more serious investment. Luckily, you’re feeling positive about the situation at hand. You should.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — You and your partner might have experienced a great deal of confusion or disagreement around a joint financial situation. Perhaps you are struggling to pay down debt and you can’t seem to find a workable plan for both of you. Or, you might feel tangled about whether or not to put your money together in an investment. This may be a concern if the relationship is fairly new, but still quite serious. This week, you’ll begin to get somewhere in your discussions together. Finally.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Your “sexiness” factor is about to take on a whole new level of visibility. No matter how professional you may try to come across, it’s possible that you’ll find yourself in hot water at the office. A sexual harassment situation would be the worst case scenario — either you being accused of something unsavory or being the victim. Another possibility is that you and an authority figure connected to your career have very real mutual chemistry. Now, it might be difficult to ignore. Handle with care.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — Your love life is on fire these days. The good news is that it’s not the kind of reckless flame that can burn out of control or that can quickly burn out. No, this time around, it’s a slow, steady flame that can warm your heart through just about anything. Take a moment to enjoy where you and your sweetheart are in your relationship. Recognize that although it’s not the same kind of romance you might have experienced in your more carefree days, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. No. It’s better.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Relief is near! If you and your partner have struggled to keep your conversations straight over the last couple of weeks, you haven’t lost your mind. No, Mercury has been traveling retrograde in your relationship sector since January 21, muddling communication between you and your mate in a frustrating way. Fortunately, this phase also allowed you to regroup and consider ways that are more productive to speak to one another. Ways that are supportive of your relationship and your individual minds. You’ll begin to implement what you’ve learned after Wednesday.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Your love life will somehow need to include a more mind-expansive component in order for you to continue to feel the spark with your mate. You and your lover might consider signing up for an adult education course on a topic you’re passionate about learning. Or, you might spend time together discussing philosophy, religion or other aspects of spirituality. If you’re single, now is a time to move out of your comfort zone and be willing to date someone who has a background quite different than your own. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — On Monday, you and your partner might not see eye-to-eye when it comes to a domestic matter. The situation is unclear in many ways, and because of this it’s difficult to make any decisions — or judgments. Refrain from doing so if possible — you’ll have more clarity later in the week. In fact, on Wednesday, you and your love are likely to feel so connected spiritually that it becomes easier to take a united front on just about any situation.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Now that Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn direct this Wednesday, you’ll begin to feel as if you have a more solid handle on just about every area of your life — including romance. For the most part, this week you’ll focus on clearing up any confusion at the office with colleagues or with assignments you’ve been working on. Even so, if you discussed anything about your love life with a coworker recently, you might have regretted it — especially if you became the subject of office gossip. Live and learn.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — “Erotic” has suddenly become your middle name. This week, the cosmic lovers Venus and Mars will both enter the area of your chart connected to deep intimacy and intense love. Your passion will be aroused like never before, and it’s quite possible that you’ll feel so love drunk for someone that all of your typical signature reason goes out the window. Allow yourself the guilty pleasure of not over thinking things for once. Be in the moment and enjoy the ride!
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — Your love life is in a good place these days. Solid, with just enough excitement to suit you, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that could possibly tear you and your sweetheart apart. Make sure you don’t waste any time creating problems where there are none. This will be a gorgeous week to make important decisions with your mate that have long term consequences for your relationship. Trust that the two of you are making the right ones.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Your love life will begin to get back on track later this week. You might not have everything you want and you might not even be with the person you want to be with. At the very least, however, you’ll begin to see things more clearly. If you’re in a relationship communication will become much easier and if you have a major decision to make about your love life you’ll regain your perspective now. You may not know exactly what to do just yet but you’re getting there.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Ready or not, it’s time to bring passion back into your relationship! Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to try very hard — it’s likely to come quite naturally. In fact, don’t be surprised if your partner is the one who takes the lead. He or she may demand that the two of you experiment more, go out of your comfort zone and make your relationship first priority. You’re ready to be more selfish and go after what you want in love while your partner has been waiting for you to give yourself this permission. Get to it!
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — You might not feel this is the most romantic week, but it’ll certainly be one of the most structured you and your love have had in quite some time. The two of you might gear up to work on a project that requires the both of you to be organized and efficient. Whatever this endeavor is, it’s something you both want to do, so don’t see it is a boring task. Instead, embrace the energy you’ll have to get the job done together, and enjoy how fulfilling this will be.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — This is the last full week of Venus touring your true love sector, so you’ll want to make romance a priority. After next week Venus won’t return to this area of your chart for another year. That doesn’t mean you’ll have no action at all in your love life. Still, you won’t have the extra benefit of Venus to help soften up any opportunities for meeting someone new and falling in love. If you’re in a relationship then be sure to spend time having fun with your mate. Soon, your focus will turn much more towards work matters.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — An office romance might be irresistible now. You and a colleague might throw caution to the wind (and office policy) and begin an exhilarating love affair. While it might turn into love, right now it feels more about passion for both of you. The risk is actually what makes it even more exciting! The two of you may try to sneak away when no one is watching or play it cool during business hours. Another possibility is that you are already in a relationship but you and your love decide to join a gym together or pursue a new fitness goal. You’ll have fun doing it.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — You are certainly one of the lucky ones in love this week! With Venus and Mars continuing to tour your true love sector, it’s not going to be boring, that’s for sure! What makes this week even more special is that the cosmic lovers will each connect to Saturn, now moving through your sign. This will help to limit frivolous affair potential, and it will turn any romantic activity you have with someone into something that has real substance potential.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Don’t worry if there’s not much happening for you in your love life this week, Sagittarius. In fact, the best course of action for you this week is to fly under the radar and focus on other matters, such as home and family and communications. Starting next week, however, you’ll be in your glory. There is amazing romantic potential in store for you at that time and it’ll last until the end of March. Stay tuned!
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Get ready for more excitement in your love life than you’ve had in years! This week both Venus and Mars will enter your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure. There is no stopping you now when it comes to getting what you want in the love department. Is there someone special you have your eye on? Go ahead and make that first move with confidence. If you’re already in a relationship, you can expect sparks to fly throughout March. Make love a priority now. And have fun doing it!
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — There might be a hush-hush situation that you and your sweetheart are addressing about a family matter this week. Perhaps one of your relatives needs help, and the two of you have decided to come to his or her aid discreetly. Or, it’s possible you’re thinking about moving in together, and you aren’t ready to go public with this decision just yet. If so, take the week to check out homes or apartments inconspicuously. You’ll be glad you did.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Good news! If you and your sweetheart have been sending mixed signals about finances, after Wednesday you’ll have a more solid handle on how to proceed. This might be more about your money rather than any shared money. Perhaps you’ve wondered how much of your financial history you should share with someone you’re newly dating. If the conversation has come up, you most likely felt uncomfortable and ended up evading questions. Now, you’ll be able to tell your sweetie exactly what you’re comfortable sharing. And if you’re not comfortable sharing just yet, you’ll have no trouble being honest about it.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — You’ll have more fun with your partner at home than out on the town. In fact, it’s likely that the two of you are planning to spend some serious quality time over the next few weeks nesting rather than partying. Perhaps you’re moving in together and are busy finding the perfect home or apartment. If you’re already living together, it’s possible you’re about to launch a redecorating project together. If you’re dating someone new, now is the time to consider introducing him or her to your clan. It looks promising.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — You’re all about communication this week. Between the zesty combination of Venus and Mars in Aries moving through your message sector, and Mercury still in your sign, this will certainly turn into a noteworthy time of conversations between you and your love. Expect to make a solid decision together on Wednesday or Thursday that has to do with your social life or the pursuit of one of your greatest dreams. On Sunday, you might be so excited to talk to your mate that you forget to listen. Be mindful.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Finally! Mercury will turn direct in your sign this Wednesday after having been retrograde since January 21. This is amazing news because you may have struggled with getting your point across or simply being heard in the way you wanted to. Luckily, this phase also taught you that perhaps there could be a better way for you to communicate. If you’ve worked on your listening and speaking skills during this time you’re about to be rewarded. Partnerships (business and pleasure) will become more gratifying. Of course they will. Communication is key, and now you’ve got the key at your disposal.
For the Week of Feb 16th, 2015 — Love is on your mind! To your credit, these days you’ll also have little trouble conveying exactly what you’re thinking about matters of the heart. Consider writing a beautiful love letter to your mate to show him or her just how important your relationship is. Another possibility is that you’ll have the courage to initiate a conversation with your lover that the two of you might have avoided in the past. Now, you won’t feel intimidated — even if it is a touchy subject. It’s time to clear the air.
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For the Week of Feb 23rd, 2015 — If you’re having trouble making a decision that’s connected to your career, this might a good week to enlist the advice of your partner. On Monday, you appear quite confused about a professional matter. Talk to your sweetheart so that he or she can remind you exactly what value you bring to your company. Perhaps this will give you the courage you need to stand up for yourself and what you know you deserve, without sounding as if you don’t believe what you’re saying.
For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — This will be the last full week that Venus is in your sign. After next week you won’t host Venus again for another year. What does this mean? It’s simple: Don’t waste a moment! The planet Venus rules love, beauty, harmony and money, so when she’s in your sign you can anticipate extra support in all of these matters. You’ve probably been more social and extra charming. If you’re looking to attract anyone your way, this is an incredible edge. Use it — before you lose it.