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Weekly Love Horoscope – February 2nd, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - February 2nd, 2015

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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Lucky you, Aries — this week your social life will begin to pop again — in a good way! On Wednesday, Mercury will turn direct in your 11th House of Groups and Friends, allowing you to clear up any mixed messages between you and a pal. If there has been any confusion about a “friends with benefits” situation, this week you’re likely to have a moment of clarity. Also, you will have much better luck pursuing new dating material from an online dating website.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — If you’re pining away over a love interest that you know in your heart can never be, you might have to face the truth this week. On Friday, you’ll realize that holding on to this fantasy is only holding you back from writing the love story you know you deserve. This might be due to honest advice offered to you by a mentor, or it might be due to outright rejection from the object of your affection. Whatever the details, you may feel inspired to turn the page on Sunday. Finally.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — The pleasure principle will be your highest priority this week. You’ll feel extra connected to your sweetheart, and if you haven’t exchanged those heartfelt words of love just yet, this week you might do so for the first time. A new dating relationship may also turn sexual, and if so you’ll feel a true physical and spiritual connection with your lover. You’ll exude joy, confidence, and a spirit of playfulness all week long — and it’ll be contagious.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — There might not be much time for love this week. Hey, not every week can be heart-pounding, can it? In your case, Taurus, this week it’ll be time to set the record straight in your professional life. It appears that you and your boss are due for a conversation that will clear up any confusion about your role in the company. Don’t worry, the end result will be positive, and it should lead to a lovely opportunity. If you happen to have a crush on your boss or other authority figure connected to your career, this might be the week you decide to reveal it — for better or worse.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — A friendship might blossom into romance this week. While you’ll likely experience heavy reservations about this possibility on Friday, it’s more due to circumstances around the two of you rather than your feelings for one another. One of you might feel that there’s a lot of “baggage” to deal with if you’re going to develop a relationship. Perhaps this is true, but if so remember: That baggage is what makes each of you who you are. Take it slow, but don’t dismiss this potential just yet. After Sunday you’ll feel more optimistic.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — You’re in a social mood, and that feeling is likely to remain for another couple of weeks. Make the most of any opportunity to get out and about, mingle with others and shine your light. What you’ll be extra attracted to these days are friends with connections to the arts or spirituality. If you’re in a relationship, on Sunday, you and your love might attend a workshop or event on either of these topics that serves to deepen your bond. Soul mate love is grounded in spiritual connection after all. You’re blessed.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Now that your ruling planet, Mercury, will turn direct on Wednesday, you’ll certainly begin to feel like your old self again. You might have experienced extra trouble since January 21, relating to communication matters. In terms of your love life, it’s possible that you and your sweetheart have experienced significant disagreement about a spiritual, education or moral matter. Now you’ll find a way to meet in the middle, respecting one another’s different views without it putting a monkey wrench in romance.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — You might feel as if your partner is not supporting your career goals this week. In fact, he or she may feel slightly jealous over how much joy your profession is giving you these days. You might have a fantastic project you’re working on, and you may be more concerned with pleasing your boss than your mate. Finding balance between your love life and your career might be extra difficult, but it still doesn’t excuse your partner for withholding his or her backing. Address it sooner rather than later.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — You’ll have a way of communicating love to your sweetheart that is extra fulfilling this week. Don’t hold back expressing your true feelings. Tuesday’s Full Moon in your message sector invites you to speak from the heart. Even if you’re about to tell someone you have a crush on, this week you should go for it. Not only are your sentiments pure and honest, but they’ll have an endearing quality that few can resist.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — You and your partner might have experienced a great deal of confusion or disagreement around a joint financial situation. Perhaps you are struggling to pay down debt and you can’t seem to find a workable plan for both of you. Or, you might feel tangled about whether or not to put your money together in an investment. This may be a concern if the relationship is fairly new, but still quite serious. This week, you’ll begin to get somewhere in your discussions together. Finally.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — You might feel convinced that your soul mate is not connected to your immediate environment. Although you’re typically quite connected to your roots, heritage and family ties, this week the search for love may take you on a journey you never expected. You might consider dating someone who has a background quite unusual from yours, which will surprise you at first. Still, the chemistry you’ll feel with this person will be impossible to ignore. Explore it.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — Are you thinking about a business venture with your sweetheart? If so, there are positive indications that you’ll make money and feel a great sense of fulfillment expressing your creative spirit if you pursue it together. On Sunday, you and your partner have serious depth potential. You might explore unchartered territory together — spiritual, intellectual or even travel — that makes you feel more connected than ever. Matters of the heart are powerful for you this week. Embrace the potential.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Relief is near! If you and your partner have struggled to keep your conversations straight over the last couple of weeks, you haven’t lost your mind. No, Mercury has been traveling retrograde in your relationship sector since January 21, muddling communication between you and your mate in a frustrating way. Fortunately, this phase also allowed you to regroup and consider ways that are more productive to speak to one another. Ways that are supportive of your relationship and your individual minds. You’ll begin to implement what you’ve learned after Wednesday.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Your fantasy life will become richer this week, but on Friday you may have some trouble sharing them with your lover. Perhaps you’re worried that what you have in mind is too erotic for your sweetheart to handle. Or, you might simply feel embarrassed to share these innermost yearnings. Wait until Sunday and you’ll notice a very different perspective. In fact, you might discover that you and your love share some of the same romantic notions.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — This week, you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve. A Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday will make it impossible to hide your emotions — and that’s a good thing. If you’re feeling extra sensitive about your relationship, now will be a great time to talk to your partner about what’s triggering your vulnerability. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is in your relationship sector, and that’s a clear signal for you and your mate to get back to basics in communication. There’s a good chance that you’ll get through to your partner as long as you speak from the heart.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Now that Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn direct this Wednesday, you’ll begin to feel as if you have a more solid handle on just about every area of your life — including romance. For the most part, this week you’ll focus on clearing up any confusion at the office with colleagues or with assignments you’ve been working on. Even so, if you discussed anything about your love life with a coworker recently, you might have regretted it — especially if you became the subject of office gossip. Live and learn.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Your partnership might feel quite heavenly this week. In fact, until February 20, you and your love will enjoy a phase of extra special harmony and bliss potential. Venus will tour your relationship sector, allowing you to exchange more heartfelt sentiments than you have in quite some time. Don’t allow a domestic squabble on Friday to ruin any of this romance potential. On Sunday, be sure to schedule time alone with your sweetheart. You’ll be glad you did.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — With Venus still moving through your relationship sector, things between you and your mate are likely to be on a positive, harmonious streak. This week, Venus will make a positive link to Pluto, the planet of depth and transformation, now in your true love sector. When Venus and Pluto are talking to one another, the big theme is about the power of love. Thankfully, you and your sweetheart are in a position to feel empowered together rather than expressing any of the unhealthy Venus-Pluto vibes of power, control and manipulation. Expect love to be a transcendental experience.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Your love life will begin to get back on track later this week. You might not have everything you want and you might not even be with the person you want to be with. At the very least, however, you’ll begin to see things more clearly. If you’re in a relationship communication will become much easier and if you have a major decision to make about your love life you’ll regain your perspective now. You may not know exactly what to do just yet but you’re getting there.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — An office romance might be in the air. This week, Venus enters your work sector, and if there’s any chemistry between you and a colleague, you may no longer wish to ignore it. Don’t schedule that first date for Friday, however, because you might find it difficult to freely communicate your attraction. You might also spend too much time overthinking things, which will only kill the enchantment. Wait until Sunday, when you’ll both feel much more ready to experience fairy-tale love.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — Expect to be the belle of the ball this week, thanks to a gorgeous Full Moon in your social 11th house. Expect several invitations to attend parties, events or other fun group activities. Be sure to accept as many as you can — especially if you’re single. There’s a good chance for romantic potential with someone you meet at one of these venues. In fact, with Mercury Retrograde in your true love sector, you might even meet up with an ex. That should be interesting!
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — This is the last full week of Venus touring your true love sector, so you’ll want to make romance a priority. After next week Venus won’t return to this area of your chart for another year. That doesn’t mean you’ll have no action at all in your love life. Still, you won’t have the extra benefit of Venus to help soften up any opportunities for meeting someone new and falling in love. If you’re in a relationship then be sure to spend time having fun with your mate. Soon, your focus will turn much more towards work matters.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Your love life is about to get sweeter than you ever imagined. On Tuesday, Venus will enter your romance sector, where she’ll remain until February 20. If single, this will be an incredible time for you to meet someone special and possibly fall in love. You may get in your own way on Friday, however, with a ridiculous feeling that you’re not really worth it. If that happens, be sure to remedy this false idea as soon as possible. Love awaits. It’s time to allow it.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — Venus will continue to tour your true love sector until February 20. During this time, if single, you’ll have an incredibly auspicious time to meet someone new — someone who just might capture your heart. Mark your calendar for Sunday when Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to Pluto, your ruling planet. This might be a time when you and a partner have a powerful conversation that reassures you of the depth of your love and commitment. Or, if you have just met someone special, you may have a conversation that leads you to believe there is true substance potential between the two of you. The chemistry is a bonus!
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Don’t worry if there’s not much happening for you in your love life this week, Sagittarius. In fact, the best course of action for you this week is to fly under the radar and focus on other matters, such as home and family and communications. Starting next week, however, you’ll be in your glory. There is amazing romantic potential in store for you at that time and it’ll last until the end of March. Stay tuned!
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Your family might have more say in your love life than usual this week. On Friday, you might feel as if a relative is putting you down about your romantic prospects. He or she might come across as harsh, but in reality you may need to hear the truth from someone you love. Don’t take it personally. Instead, decipher what is valuable from his or her perspective, and discard the rest. On Sunday, you and your love may enjoy a day of bliss with family. This will be a great day to introduce your sweetheart to your clan for the very first time.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — Domestic harmony is easy to achieve these days — with relatives and with your sweetheart. You might feel extra comfortable integrating your lover with your family now and if you haven’t yet introduced him or her to your clan, this will be a great week to do so. Another possibility is that you and your love are considering moving in together or purchasing a piece of real estate jointly. Either scenario is favored. Regrets are unlikely.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Good news! If you and your sweetheart have been sending mixed signals about finances, after Wednesday you’ll have a more solid handle on how to proceed. This might be more about your money rather than any shared money. Perhaps you’ve wondered how much of your financial history you should share with someone you’re newly dating. If the conversation has come up, you most likely felt uncomfortable and ended up evading questions. Now, you’ll be able to tell your sweetie exactly what you’re comfortable sharing. And if you’re not comfortable sharing just yet, you’ll have no trouble being honest about it.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — You’ll have an incredibly sweet ability to communicate your most heartfelt feelings to your lover this week. While you might wrestle with a bout of insecurity over sharing your thoughts on Friday, if you use this day to clarify how you wish to communicate them, you’ll send a powerful message by Sunday. This will be a great time to write a love letter, have a meaningful conversation with your mate, or make a joint decision about your relationship. Love will prevail.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — You might feel ready to reveal to your partner an event from your past that was traumatic or left you brokenhearted. Trust that doing so will only enhance your capacity for intimacy — and will also strengthen your relationship. Somehow, you’ll already know this, and the good news is that you’re likely to feel quite safe opening up to your mate in a whole new way. In other news, you might hear positive news from your partner about his or her income. Celebrate!
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — Finally! Mercury will turn direct in your sign this Wednesday after having been retrograde since January 21. This is amazing news because you may have struggled with getting your point across or simply being heard in the way you wanted to. Luckily, this phase also taught you that perhaps there could be a better way for you to communicate. If you’ve worked on your listening and speaking skills during this time you’re about to be rewarded. Partnerships (business and pleasure) will become more gratifying. Of course they will. Communication is key, and now you’ve got the key at your disposal.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Your sweetheart will have an amazing ability to lift you up and remind you just how special you truly are. Be sure to ignore any critical vibes you receive from a pal about your love life on Friday. This friend might mean well, but it’s also possible that his or her personal frustrations in matters of the heart are being projected onto your relationship. On Sunday, you and your sweetheart might enjoy using your combined talents in a money making venture. Expect success.
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — A Full Moon in your relationship sector on Tuesday will put the spotlight on you and your mate. How are things going between the two of you? Most likely, you’re in a good spot, and you’re both extremely optimistic about the future. If, however, you aren’t sure about a decision the two of you need to make, try not to push things. Remember, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign until February 11. After that time, you’ll have more clarity and a greater ability to communicate your thoughts in a way that will continue to improve your relationship.
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For the Week of Feb 9th, 2015 — This will be the last full week that Venus is in your sign. After next week you won’t host Venus again for another year. What does this mean? It’s simple: Don’t waste a moment! The planet Venus rules love, beauty, harmony and money, so when she’s in your sign you can anticipate extra support in all of these matters. You’ve probably been more social and extra charming. If you’re looking to attract anyone your way, this is an incredible edge. Use it — before you lose it.
For the Week of Jan 26th, 2015 — Get ready to enjoy a lovely boost in your self-esteem and your love life! On Tuesday, Venus will enter your sign, where she’ll remain until February 20. During this time you may feel more confident, and that will translate into a physical allure that others will find impossible to resist. This will be a great time to spruce up your appearance, purchase a new wardrobe, or consider a change in your style. You might feel extra glamorous on Sunday. You’ll have the power to hypnotize anyone on this day!
For the Week of Feb 2nd, 2015 — Make the most of Venus continuing to move through your sign. Until March 17, you’ll have an extraordinary level of magnetism and your confidence is likely to improve dramatically. Use this allure to your advantage and make the most of your romantic and social potential. On Sunday, Venus will be at a perfect angle to Pluto, now in your 11th House of Friends and Groups. An opportunity to meet someone special through a friend or at a social event will be high. Don’t let it pass you by.