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Weekly Love Horoscope – June 22nd, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - June 22nd, 2015

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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — You’ll have the most stimulating love life potential this week so be sure to make the most of it! On Monday, you might find romance in the unlikeliest circumstance. Someone who you think would never be “your type” may wind up being your perfect soul mate. Go ahead and date someone out of your comfort zone — you won’t regret it. Then, on Wednesday, romance gets even sweeter. One way or another you’re sure to feel the love.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Your attention might turn towards domestic matters this week but that doesn’t mean you can’t involve your sweetheart. You should! Expect plenty of invitations to family functions but make sure you tell everyone that you’ll be there with a plus one. This weekend your emotional focus will surely be on romance. Why not make it a special weekend for you and your love — just the two of you? Plan on doing what makes you both feel most carefree and childlike.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — You might hit the cosmic jackpot in love this Monday when lucky Jupiter is at a gorgeous trine to Uranus, the planet of sudden events, in your sign. Jupiter is still in your 5th House of Romance — but only until August 11. This week, there’s strong potential for a rapid development in your love life — the kind that makes your heart beat faster! Then, on Wednesday and until August 8 you might notice that it’s harder to get turned on by your mate without emotional security. It’s a must.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — The very best of your romantic potential this week is somehow connected to home. Perhaps you and your lover are in the mood to nest for most of the week. It’s also possible that the two of you are making serious plans to move in together — and it might happen quite unexpectedly. Circumstances that quickly shake things up between you and your lover will happily go in the right direction. Open your heart and go with the flow.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Talk to your partner about a money making idea that you have. Using your mate as a sounding board will help you flesh out your thoughts and decide whether or not this plan is workable or is merely a pie in the sky idea. There might not be enough time for carefree romance this week but your love won’t mind. He or she will see the joy in your eyes that comes from making the most of your talents.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — This might not be your best week for communicating matters of the heart. On Wednesday, Mercury, the ruler of your true love sector, will be at a tense square to Neptune. This connection tends to fog up the mind so information going in or out tends to be blurred. You might not believe anything your lover is telling you this week. Alternatively, if you’re the one keeping a secret from your mate you’ll notice how it’s beginning to erode the quality of your love affair. Decisions in love remain unclear.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — This week you may have an opportunity to release yourself from a certain fear you’ve been carrying around connected to sharing resources with your partner. If you’ve been holding back on a commitment due to anxiety over how you would divvy up what is “yours” and “mine” then you can expect an awakening on Wednesday. At the very least it’ll open up dialogue for an honest conversation about what’s holding you back from this relationship merger.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — The possibilities for you are endless this week! A gorgeous New Moon in Gemini spells a fresh start for you in anything and everything. If a relationship is your focus be sure to act within the next couple of weeks. Plant seeds of intention to create the love connection you know you want and deserve. Then, use your “magical mojo” and go after it. You’ve got this.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — A chance conversation with a pal or someone you meet at a party may turn into a possible love connection. This person may offer to introduce you to someone special so be open if this is the case. Or, you might seek the advice of one of your friends in order to hash out a major relationship dilemma you’re having. His or her advice will be out of the box and extremely helpful.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — A situation between you and your partner will likely come to a head this Wednesday, thanks to a Full Moon in your relationship sector. If you and your mate are on solid ground, then you have no need to worry about this Full Moon breaking things apart. In fact, it may present a situation that helps each of you realize just how deep your love is. If, in fact, the two of you are going through a rough patch, it might be time for an honest conversation.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — This week you’ll go from hiding in the closet to coming out in the most extraordinary way. A New Moon will fall into your hidden 12th house on Tuesday, helping you speak up about anything that you’ve kept private for way too long. You’ll still do this discreetly but the important thing is that you’ll trust someone enough to let it out in the open. Then, on Sunday the Sun enters your sign helping you to shine a light on all the magnificence that is YOU. That will translate into improved confidence and a happier love life.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — Starting this Wednesday, you might be too hot to handle! Mars, the planet of assertive drive and libido, will enter your sign and remains in Cancer until August 8. During this time you’ll have little trouble going after whatever you want — including in matters of the heart. You’ll tend to pursue the object of your affection in a more passive way. Instead of making the first move in a bold manner, you might prefer to lure your special someone in with your emotional charms. It’ll work!
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — You’re in an enviable position this week. Both of the benefic planets in the zodiac — Venus and Jupiter — are currently touring your sign and will embrace this Wednesday. As a result you’ll possess an incredible type of allure and charisma that’ll be hard for anyone to resist. Your heart is open wide and you’re ready to give all of your love to someone special. Someone who truly deserves what you have to offer. Go ahead, give all you’ve got. Love is beautiful. And so are you!
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — New social opportunities will come up for you this week that can surely help boost your romantic life. If single, consider joining a new group that explores an interest you’ve always wanted to learn more about. You’re likely to meet more than one intriguing person at a meeting! This weekend the Moon will shine in your sign helping you wear your heart openly. That will surely magnetize others your way.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — The ruler of your true love sector, Jupiter, is still in your sign until August 11, so be sure to make the most of the expansive opportunity in the romance department this placement has to offer. On Monday you might enjoy an exhilarating but very much unplanned encounter with your sweetheart. On Tuesday however, you might not want to ask a friend for advice about an intimate matter. You might receive mixed messages.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — If you’ve been wrapped up in a casual affair or if you’re dating someone and things just aren’t progressing, you may have a reality check on the situation. The emotional sobriety you’ll feel will help you end a lackluster connection with someone without you feeling as if there’s nothing left for you in terms of romantic potential. In fact, there’s every indication that you have feelings for someone else and are keeping them secret. This week, you may be ready to change that.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Your love life might be non-eventful for most of this week — but after Sunday there’s a whole new world of potential opening up. The Sun will enter your 11th house of groups and friends offering new social opportunities to meet stimulating people. You might also decide it’s time to update your profile on a dating website or make more of a splash on social media in order to attract potential dating prospects. Go for it!
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — Monday is your day to reveal one of your innermost fantasies to your partner. You’ll be surprised at how receptive he or she is to hearing what you have to share. In fact, you might be turning that fantasy into reality before you know it! If single, there’s a strong potential for you and a friend or casual acquaintance to develop a sexual relationship after Wednesday. Make sure you want to go there.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — A love connection that has the potential to turn into something substantial might happen for you — in an instant! On Monday, you may meet someone in an unexpected situation. One of your friends might set you up with someone for example, but not let you in on the secret. You might think you’re meeting your pal for drinks after work but he or she brings along a “friend” who also happens to be exactly your type. Yep, that’s exactly how this week might go for you in love. Unexpected but happy developments. Enjoy!
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — You’re ready to expand your horizons this week and in some cases that also means expanding your romantic horizons! After Tuesday, you might be open to an emotional connection with someone you previously cast off as not your type. See what happens! If you’re planning to travel it’s possible that you’ll meet someone you makes you look twice. He or she will also have a unique perspective on the world that you find refreshing.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — Your partner might be instrumental this week in helping you achieve one of your long held dreams. He or she may introduce you to an important person on Monday with enough clout to help take your dream to the next level. It’s also possible that you and your partner are about to team up in order to make a true difference in a humanitarian endeavor. Together you’ll make a real difference. Wow!
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — If you’re single, it’s possible that an enchanting love connection is near. The person you meet while traveling or working on an internationally related creative project might be serious soul mate material. At the very least, the two of you will have stars in your eyes for the first date. If you’re dating someone, then you may discover that you share a deeper spiritual connection than you originally thought.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If you’re in a relationship, after Tuesday there might be a new development in joint finances. Your spouse or partner may hear news that a raise or bonus is coming. Or, the two of you might consider a joint investment that will affect your future financial health. This will be a great time to talk to an accountant or financial adviser about a money matter that affects both of you. You’ll also agree on financial decisions easily which will surely make things smoother in the romance department.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — You and your lover might not see eye to eye this week on an intimate matter. One of you might even try skirting the issue and attempt to avoid an honest conversation about the situation. You may also realize that you each have very distinct sexual needs and they are not necessarily compatible. Hiding what you truly need from your sweetheart will only set the stage for even bigger problems down the road.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — Romance might be connected to spiritual or intellectual pursuits this week. You might have a crush on your professor or other mentor who you hold in high regard. Much to your delight, on Wednesday it’s possible that you’ll discover the feeling is mutual. Although this person has wisdom beyond his or her years, you still feel a deep connection. It’s worth exploring. If you’re attached, it’ll be a five star communication week for you and your mate. Make a vital decision together.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If things have been less than ideal between you and your partner, this week all of that could change. On Tuesday, a New Moon will fall in our relationship sector, suggesting a bright fresh start. The two of you might be ready to turn the page and move forward with a mutual decision that can change the dynamic of your connection for the better. If you’re newly dating someone this lunation might be the catalyst that helps make things exclusive.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — You and your sweetie are in for a sexy adventure this week! On Monday, the two of you may decide to take an unexpected “magic carpet ride” together and expand your horizons during an exciting journey. Planning a trip to that exotic destination you’ve always wanted to visit would be perfect. After Wednesday, you’ll find your desires connecting more to your emotional connection to your mate. Sex without that emotional bond simply won’t work.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — You’ll wear your heart on your sleeve thanks to a Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday. If there are any feelings you’ve been keeping to yourself that you know are only hurting your relationship, this is the time to “come clean”. Be vulnerable enough to share your innermost thoughts about whatever is troubling you. You’ll be surprised at how receptive your mate is. He or she might have been waiting for this moment all along.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — This week you’ll begin to pay more attention to love and relationship. Late Tuesday and until early Friday morning, the Moon will move through your 7th House of Relationships helping you emotionally connect to your mate in a deeper way. Then on Sunday, the Sun will move into your relationship sector. For the next month, a light will shine on all relationship matters. The two of you will enjoy a phase of truly enjoying one another. You’ll each feel validated as individuals within your relationship.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — After Wednesday, you’ll feel extra motivated to focus on your relationship. Although you and your partner might experience more arguments than usual, it’ll only be due to the fact that there is a deeper, underlying issue that you need to work through. Surface arguments over silly matters are a reflection of your unwillingness to dig deeper and confront the true problem. Once you can name it, you’ll be able to work together to overcome it.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — Communication with your love will be at an all-time high this week. Mercury, now in your true love sector, will be at a gorgeous angle to several planets — Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. Expect sweet conversations about stimulating topics that allow you and your mate to fall even deeper in love. This week, you may also receive a lovely surprise from your partner. It can be an indulgent gift, sweet gesture or declaration of love that takes your breath away.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If you’re single, a New Moon in your romance sector on Tuesday has the power to change that. You’ll need to make an effort to socialize more but as long as you put forth the slightest effort, the Universe is ready to reward you with love potential. In fact, it’s possible that you’ll garner the interest of more than one person during the next couple of weeks. Lucky you!
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — Perhaps you feel as if you need to hide your financial situation from your lover. If you’re newly dating you might think it’s not his or her business to know everything about your earnings, assets and debts — and you may be correct. Still on Tuesday, the temptation to lie will be strong. Remember, a relationship is built on trust and honesty. If you’re serious about this person you may want to re-evaluate your approach.
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For the Week of Jun 29th, 2015 — You may re-evaluate the company you keep this week and realize that a social connection isn’t worth the stress you’ve been feeling. Talk to your partner about this situation since there’s a good chance that he or she will be able to offer some valuable perspective on the situation. At the very least, your mate will be the ideal sounding board if you simply need to think out loud. On Wednesday, romance is divine. Enjoy the fairytale.
For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — An emotional focus on matters of the heart is likely this week. From late Tuesday evening until early Friday morning, the Moon will tour your romance sector. This will allow you to open up to your lover in a way that is beyond physical affection. You might even share your feelings for someone you’re dating for the first time. Then, on Sunday the Sun enters the same part of your chart. A light is definitely shining on love for you. Enjoy every moment.
For the Week of Jun 22nd, 2015 — On Wednesday until August 8, you’ll make it a priority to pursue pleasure. Mars, the planet of action, will enter your 5th house of romance and fun allowing you all the energy you could imagine to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. A new sexual relationship may develop this time and if so, it’ll be incredibly gratifying. Even if you’re already in a relationship you can anticipate more fun in the bedroom.