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Weekly Love Horoscope – June 8th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - June 8th, 2015

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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Your attention might turn towards domestic matters this week but that doesn’t mean you can’t involve your sweetheart. You should! Expect plenty of invitations to family functions but make sure you tell everyone that you’ll be there with a plus one. This weekend your emotional focus will surely be on romance. Why not make it a special weekend for you and your love — just the two of you? Plan on doing what makes you both feel most carefree and childlike.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — Is it too good to be true? Expansive Jupiter has already been in your true love sector for almost a year, igniting serious potential for you to be swept off your feet by someone special. This week, the second happiest planet of the zodiac — Venus — will enter the same area of your chart. This is a double blessing! Until July 18, you can expect “all good things” in the romance department. Enjoy every drop of it!
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — A conversation with your sweetheart on Monday or Wednesday can light up your life so pay attention! He or she may have an idea that you find extra stimulating. Do your best to be patient though since it’s not likely he or she will be able to get anything off the ground until after Thursday. Are you married or in a committed partnership? You may have a few loose ends to tie up financially with your mate after Sunday. Don’t ignore them.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Talk to your partner about a money making idea that you have. Using your mate as a sounding board will help you flesh out your thoughts and decide whether or not this plan is workable or is merely a pie in the sky idea. There might not be enough time for carefree romance this week but your love won’t mind. He or she will see the joy in your eyes that comes from making the most of your talents.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — Are you dating someone special and wondering when the right time would be to introduce him or her to your family? If so, this is the perfect week! On Friday, Venus will enter your home and family sector assuring that anyone you introduce to your clan will be adored. If you’re married or in a committed relationship, there might be developments this week with your partner’s money. It looks promising.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Just when you thought your lessons in relationship matters were over, it appears that the Universe has other plans. This Sunday, Saturn, the planet of commitment and limitation, will re-enter your partnership sector to activate this part of your life with constriction once more. Until September 17, it’ll be your job to fix any weak links between you and your partner or decide whether or not what you have is beyond repair. If single, you might be ready to make a commitment to someone special.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — The possibilities for you are endless this week! A gorgeous New Moon in Gemini spells a fresh start for you in anything and everything. If a relationship is your focus be sure to act within the next couple of weeks. Plant seeds of intention to create the love connection you know you want and deserve. Then, use your “magical mojo” and go after it. You’ve got this.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — It’s time to get things out in the open. You and your partner are likely to have a rather emotional encounter on Tuesday. Don’t fight it — embrace it. Whatever it is your partner has been holding inside needs to come out in order for the two of you to restore the level of intimacy you count on. Remind your mate that whatever he or she has to say, you are in this together. Having a safe place to express his or her innermost feelings will mean the world.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Finally, your clarity will return! This Thursday, Mercury, your ruling planet, will turn direct after having been retrograde in your sign for the last couple of weeks. You might have noticed that communication matters between you and your partner have been very frustrating lately. Either your mate doesn’t seem to understand what you’re trying to convey or they simply aren’t listening. Now, you’ll be able to rectify things and express yourself in a way that your love can respond to.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — This week you’ll go from hiding in the closet to coming out in the most extraordinary way. A New Moon will fall into your hidden 12th house on Tuesday, helping you speak up about anything that you’ve kept private for way too long. You’ll still do this discreetly but the important thing is that you’ll trust someone enough to let it out in the open. Then, on Sunday the Sun enters your sign helping you to shine a light on all the magnificence that is YOU. That will translate into improved confidence and a happier love life.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — You might focus more on money and work this week than on love. If you’re in a relationship this will be the kind of week where you feel extremely supported by your mate. He or she will boost the confidence you have in your ability to make the most of your talents as well as your earning power. Since your financial picture is promising this week, it will also alleviate any tension you might have been feeling in your love life. Excellent!
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Defining what you want and deserve in matters of the heart will become an area of focus once more. On Sunday, Saturn will re-enter your true love sector after having kissed it goodbye in late December 2014. Now and until September 17, you’ll have an opportunity to put what you’ve learned between 2012 and 2014 to the test when it comes to romance. Opening your heart may not be easy but it’s certainly worth it! Are you ready?
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — New social opportunities will come up for you this week that can surely help boost your romantic life. If single, consider joining a new group that explores an interest you’ve always wanted to learn more about. You’re likely to meet more than one intriguing person at a meeting! This weekend the Moon will shine in your sign helping you wear your heart openly. That will surely magnetize others your way.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — This is your week to shine! It’s also your week to enjoy romance on the deepest level possible. On Tuesday, you might realize that your feelings for someone you recently started to date have become much more than anything casual and lighthearted. That’s right — you may have fallen in love. If so, by Saturday the two of you may decide to become exclusive. Also, on Friday until July 18, you’ll enjoy a boost in magnetism that will help you attract anything, or anyone your way.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — You might reconsider whether or not to start dating someone you met recently online or through a friend. It’s possible that you’ve been receiving mixed messages from this person over the last couple of weeks and if so, you’ve started to question whether or not he or she is really into you. On Wednesday, you may hear from this person and whatever that conversation entails, it may leave you with a renewed sense of hope. Give it another go!
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — Your love life might be non-eventful for most of this week — but after Sunday there’s a whole new world of potential opening up. The Sun will enter your 11th house of groups and friends offering new social opportunities to meet stimulating people. You might also decide it’s time to update your profile on a dating website or make more of a splash on social media in order to attract potential dating prospects. Go for it!
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — Your love life will become a more private affair this week. You might want to keep your feelings for someone under wraps for just a bit longer until you decipher whether or not this person reciprocates your affection. If you’re in a relationship, it’s likely that you and your mate will feel a strong urge to retreat more into your little bubble together. Consider a couple’s retreat where you can both recharge your spiritual batteries.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Your lover might be instrumental this week in helping you figure out whether or not you should make a certain career move you’re considering. Another possibility, is that you’re thinking about approaching your boss or another VIP and pitching an idea that you’re certain will impress him or her. Be sure to talk to your sweetheart about your plans first — on Wednesday if possible. He or she will help you prepare for that important conversation and you’ll be ready for it next week.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — You’re ready to expand your horizons this week and in some cases that also means expanding your romantic horizons! After Tuesday, you might be open to an emotional connection with someone you previously cast off as not your type. See what happens! If you’re planning to travel it’s possible that you’ll meet someone you makes you look twice. He or she will also have a unique perspective on the world that you find refreshing.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — Your social life will perk up this week which will offer plenty of opportunity to mingle with new and exciting dating prospects. Be sure to accept as many invitations as you can to attend parties, events and other gatherings. Not only will you truly enjoy the company you keep these days, but until July 18, romance is directly connected to your social life. A conversation with someone special on Saturday could lead to something substantial. Work it!
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — You and your partner might begin an exciting new adventure together this week. It might have to do with exploring another part of the world, but it can just as easily have to do with an intellectual pursuit the two you initiate. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll have plenty of energy to collaborate with your mate on something that you find inspiring and mind expanding. Make it unique and make it count!
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If you’re in a relationship, after Tuesday there might be a new development in joint finances. Your spouse or partner may hear news that a raise or bonus is coming. Or, the two of you might consider a joint investment that will affect your future financial health. This will be a great time to talk to an accountant or financial adviser about a money matter that affects both of you. You’ll also agree on financial decisions easily which will surely make things smoother in the romance department.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — If your single, it’s possible that you’re about to fall head over heels for someone older than you, or in a position of authority. While this might be anyone from your boss to a mentor, this person will surely be someone you hold in high regard. Before you jump into anything however, recognize that mutual chemistry doesn’t automatically equal happy relationship. Consider whether or not pursuing this person is realistic before you make a move.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Your life is about to become defined. It appears that you’re ready to take on a new personal responsibility and it might involve a relationship. Any commitment you make after Sunday and through September 17 with someone will likely stand the test of time. In addition, you’ll feel a heavy sense of obligation to this person — along with enduring love. A mature outlook on your place in a relationship is likely. Look at you … all grow up!
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If things have been less than ideal between you and your partner, this week all of that could change. On Tuesday, a New Moon will fall in our relationship sector, suggesting a bright fresh start. The two of you might be ready to turn the page and move forward with a mutual decision that can change the dynamic of your connection for the better. If you’re newly dating someone this lunation might be the catalyst that helps make things exclusive.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — You’ll wear your heart on your sleeve — and that’s just the way you like it. You’re not one to hold back when it comes to expressing your opinions or your feelings. If your partner can’t handle it then you might second guess whether or not you’re with the right person. Fortunately, it looks like he or she will be more supportive than you initially think. Keep your grand expectations in matters of the heart; disappointment is unlikely.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — After Thursday, whatever comes out of your partner’s mouth will begin to make sense again. He or she may have been talking a lot of gibberish over the last few weeks while Mercury was retrograde in your relationship sector. Or, it’s possible that the two of you could not come to an agreement about any matter, whether it was major or minor. You might have felt frustrated during this time, but there’s good news. After this week, positive communication will resume.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — This week you’ll begin to pay more attention to love and relationship. Late Tuesday and until early Friday morning, the Moon will move through your 7th House of Relationships helping you emotionally connect to your mate in a deeper way. Then on Sunday, the Sun will move into your relationship sector. For the next month, a light will shine on all relationship matters. The two of you will enjoy a phase of truly enjoying one another. You’ll each feel validated as individuals within your relationship.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — If you’re in a relationship where you and your partner split the bills, it’s possible that he or she will offer to take on more of the financial responsibilities now. Perhaps your mate will receive a fantastic raise or hefty bonus at work. If so, expect generosity to flow your way. He or she might also reveal a secret stash of cash meant to surprise you. You’ll feel like you’ve won the jackpot in more ways than one.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — You might work on improving your health this week so that you can also improve the quality of your sex life. If things in the bedroom have been less than fulfilling due to a lack of libido or stamina, pay attention. This is the perfect time to reassess how factors like your diet, quality of sleep or a possible health condition might contribute to your overall dissatisfaction. The good news? You can turn it around, starting now.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — If you’re single, a New Moon in your romance sector on Tuesday has the power to change that. You’ll need to make an effort to socialize more but as long as you put forth the slightest effort, the Universe is ready to reward you with love potential. In fact, it’s possible that you’ll garner the interest of more than one person during the next couple of weeks. Lucky you!
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — This is your week for romance! If single, someone special might notice you on Friday. Expect attention. If you’re in a committed partnership, Venus will join Jupiter in your 7th house on Friday. With the two beneficent planets of the zodiac together in your relationship sector, happy is the only option! On Saturday, it’s possible that your partner will be instrumental in helping you manifest one of your greatest aspirations. You are blessed!
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — If an ex-lover recently came back into the picture asking for a second chance, you might have been very confused about what to do. On the one hand, things didn’t work out for a reason and you wonder if that reason is still going to be a factor if the two of you give it another go. On the other hand, the mutual chemistry you shared never exactly went away. Wait until after Thursday before making up your mind. You’ll gain perspective by then.
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For the Week of Jun 15th, 2015 — An emotional focus on matters of the heart is likely this week. From late Tuesday evening until early Friday morning, the Moon will tour your romance sector. This will allow you to open up to your lover in a way that is beyond physical affection. You might even share your feelings for someone you’re dating for the first time. Then, on Sunday the Sun enters the same part of your chart. A light is definitely shining on love for you. Enjoy every moment.
For the Week of Jun 1st, 2015 — An office romance may be on the horizon. This Friday, love planet Venus will enter your work sector, remaining there until July 18. If you and a colleague have been spending loads of time together working on a project that will advance both of you professionally, you may realize that sparks are flying! The question is: what are you going to do about it? As someone you respect for advice — he or she will help you decide whether or not you should make a move.
For the Week of Jun 8th, 2015 — Your fantasy life and imagination is about to switch gears and in your case, it’ll probably help you out with relationship matters. You won’t feel the need to project unrealistic fairy tale notions onto your partner after Friday. In fact, you might even gain a more substantial perspective of what your love relationship is really all about. That’s right Pisces, this week the rose colored glasses will come off. Do you like what you see?