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Weekly Love Horoscope – July 20th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - July 20th, 2015

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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — You might not be able to hide the emotional connection and chemistry you feel for one of your friends any longer. At the same time however, he or she might not know how to react to it. If you do reveal an attraction for your pal, be patient if you don’t receive an immediate response. Give your friend time to process it. Overall after Friday, you’ll spend the next several weeks re-evaluating everything and anything about your love life. Ultimately, this will be a good thing –even though it might feel draining at times.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — Love might go from bright and sunny to being a total drag this week. On Tuesday, you and your lover might have very different ideas of what constitutes sexual pleasure. Remember that neither one of you are mind readers, so expecting one another to intuitively know what pleasure buttons to push isn’t realistic. Have a conversation about it — even if doing so makes you uncomfortable. You’ll be glad you did.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Don’t mix business with pleasure! Any potential that you think you have for an office romance might soon be diluted with more problems than it’s worth. Consider yourself lucky if you aren’t in too deep just yet — you may get off easily. If, however, you and someone special are already invested in each other, this week it might become more difficult to continue to work together. Colleagues or the HR department might not be as supportive as you’d hoped for.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — It’s time for you and your mate to take care of any unresolved domestic issues that are getting in the way of your romance. Perhaps one of your relatives — or even a child has demanded a great deal of your focus lately due to a hard time that he or she is going through. You’ve been an incredible source of strength and support but while you’ve been the rock for your family it appears that your love life may have suffered. If single, you might have lost an opportunity to date someone special and if attached this situation has clearly put a dent in your personal life. Between now and September 6 you’ll need to resolve it.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — A glimmer of hope connected to your romantic potential begins to surface this week. If you’ve been single for a while, or if you have experienced nothing but dating disasters lately, on Saturday your luck may change. Venus, your ruling planet, will enter your 5th House of True Love which is a remarkable cycle. The trouble with this one however is that Venus will be moving at a snail’s pace, preparing to retrograde next week. It’ll be “close but no cigar” when it comes to Mr. or Ms. Right. Still, don’t lose hope. Love is out there and very soon your time will arrive.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Be careful with your heart. Venus, your ruling planet, is now in your true love sector. The problem is that on Saturday, she’ll officially turn retrograde and this might sabotage any romantic potential you feel with someone special. Perhaps the two of you will keep getting your lines crossed and find it impossible to spend time together. Or, it’s possible that one of you will admit to still not being over your ex. Whatever the details, it’s clear that new love potential is in the air for you. But it’ll take some time before it gets off the ground.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — Decisions about love and money will come to the forefront this week. Although you might feel pressured into solving any dilemma immediately, that won’t be the ideal course of action. Instead, take your time to process information and options carefully over the next few weeks. If you have a life changing decision to make about a relationship or with your partner this will be especially important. The two of you might go back and forth about your options for a while, but after September 6 you’ll have the answers.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — You and your sweetie might experience some trouble in paradise. On Tuesday, a conversation that has to do with the division of labor in your relationship might take an ugly turn. One of you might feel an unfair burden and if one of you is carrying more weight than the other it’s time to take an honest look at the situation. Resentment may have already begun to creep up but until now, wasn’t voiced. Fortunately, by becoming aware of the situation you’ll be able to rectify it together.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — If you’re living with your partner, this week there might be some trouble in paradise that connects to your domestic situation. Perhaps there’s a bit of resentment on you or your mate’s part concerning the division of household labor. One of you may feel as if you’re pulling more of the weight and not being appreciated for it. It’s time to take an honest look at your “honey do” lists and then remember to thank one another for it!
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — A growing sense of dissatisfaction in your life might relate directly to the lack of appreciation you feel from the most important person in your life — your mate. It’s possible that he or she hasn’t been expressing just how amazing you are — at least not in any way that you’ve noticed. In fact, in some cases there might be a situation where your partner is devaluing you altogether. The next few weeks will be an interesting time for you to remember what you’re really worth. Without or without your partner’s agreement.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — You might feel put off by your sweetheart’s reaction to a gift you give. He or she may come across as quite shallow because whatever you offered wasn’t expensive enough or wasn’t the right name brand. What will frustrate you even more is that your lover may not even attempt to veil his or her disappointment. Alternatively, your sweetheart might show a lack of appreciation in another way such as expecting you to pay the dinner tab every time you go out. Perhaps it’s time for a talk.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Advice from your sibling about your love life might be more confusing than helpful this week. Although your brother or sister will surely have your best interests at heart, he or she isn’t the one to make the final call on what you and your partner should do about any current problem you’re having. Be careful how far you go to enlist the help of your sibling. Remember, their first instinct will be to protect you — not your relationship.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — A Full Moon in your relationship sector this Friday will certainly put your emotional focus on your love life. What’s even more compelling is the fact that on the same day, Venus will retrograde back into your sign, and will remain retrograde until September 6. This will be a key time for you and your mate to re-evaluate whether or not each of you is giving and receiving love in a way that nourishes your relationship and individual selves. Love can become deeper than ever if you’re willing to put in some work on yourself first.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — You might try so hard to make one of your relatives see just how special the love of your life is, only to be sorely disappointed. It’s likely that someone in your clan just doesn’t gel with your sweetheart, no matter how much you try to make everyone get along. On Tuesday, this relative may have certain choice words about your sweetie that are less than kind. Don’t let it ruin the good thing you’ve got going.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — A growing sense of discontent might creep into your psyche this week, centering on love and self-worth. You might feel that your lover isn’t being as supportive as you’d like him or her to be as you attempt to cultivate one of your talents. This might actually turn into a crippling situation, causing you to lose out on a magnificent opportunity. Don’t interpret your lover’s lack of support as a clear message that you simply don’t have what it takes to succeed. Nonsense!
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — Venus will retrograde out of your sign this week and into your 12th House of All That’s Hidden on Friday. Matters of the heart are still up for review and will continue to require your careful consideration until after September 6. Now that Venus is in the most private part of your chart and moving backwards, you might notice that any unresolved traumas connected to romance are coming up to the surface. Attempting to bury them now will only rob you of the future happiness in love that you deserve.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — A decision between you and your partner, or a conversation that you have on Tuesday, might leave you feeling less than satisfied. Perhaps you’ll realize that when it comes to this particular topic, you and your love are so far apart that a compromise might not be possible. Alternatively, you may feel extra insecure about broaching an important topic with your love. Do your best to move past the nagging self-doubt. Then on Saturday, Venus will enter your sign. If you’re trying to get a new relationship off the ground you may need extra patience.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Are you feeling unbeautiful? What can you do this week to change that? Perhaps you’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship — the kind that subtracts from your sense of overall worth and happiness. If your partner is sucking every ounce of self-worth and inner joy out of you and you continue to stay in the relationship it’s time to ask yourself what’s going on. Why do you think you deserve such misery? Guess what? You don’t!
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — If you’re dating someone this week it will likely bring a defining moment between you and your lover. Either the two of you will exchange those intimate words of love as you deepen your bond or you’ll decide that it’s time to move on. There really isn’t much room for anything in the middle — it’s an all or nothing feeling that your romantic situation will leave you with. If you do find yourself single after this week you may seek the solace of your friends as you lick your wounds. Avoid a rebound romance during this time or any “friends with benefits” situation.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — You and your sweetie might have a major disagreement about your social agenda and how much money you’re spending on parties and other outings with friends. It’s possible that your love feels as if you’re extremely generous with everyone else in your social circle, yet when it comes to him or her you’re much more frugal. An honest talk about this will be in order. After Saturday, you might have a few insecurities about your love life to examine. Talking to a therapist or trusted adviser will help.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Any secrets you’ve been keeping from your lover might come out to haunt you now. It’s also possible that you have been keeping an actual relationship clandestine and if this is the case you’ll be put in a position where you need to honestly examine whether or not this is the healthiest way to continue. Are you having an outright affair or is this more about circumstances that make a little secrecy more attractive? Address the situation accordingly.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — Demands between home and career might leave little time or energy for romance. You’re likely to be at a crossroads professionally and while your family and partner requires your emotional support, it might feel impossible to deliver now. In fact, you might not be capable. The boss might have recently made it clear that you’re not as valuable as you thought you were. A wounded ego might lead to a major revision of your personal and professional goals. Try to include your partner in this process rather than shut him or her out.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — Romance may take a backseat on Tuesday as you’re likely to nurse a few wounds inflicted on you from your boss. It’s possible that you’ll either receive a less than stellar performance review, or, that you’ll simply feel less appreciated than usual from a higher up. Whatever the details, it’s likely to dampen your mood for love. Then on Saturday, Venus will crawl into your social 11th house preparing to turn retrograde next week. Thoughts about you and a friend re-visiting the chemistry you share may come up.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — One of your friends might add more confusion than clarity when it comes to your love life. He or she, for example, may insist that the person you’re currently dating really isn’t right for you and that you would be better off giving an ex a second chance. Alternatively, it’s possible that you and your partner will experience a disagreement because you have reunited with a friend from your past that he or she doesn’t get along with.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — A growing sense of discontent in your current relationship situation might require serious changes in the coming weeks. You might feel as if your lover is cramping your style and your need for personal freedom. The more you try to assert your desire to experience life the more he or she may try to hold you down. If this happens, it’ll be the kiss of death for you. Do your best to help your partner understand your need for expanding your horizons. If he or she is still not “getting it”, you’ll have a decision of your own to make.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — A fresh start is possible this week between you and your partner when it comes to finances. Although it’s likely to be positive at the same time you may have a hurdle to overcome before you enjoy the mutual benefits. That hurdle would be a gigantic power struggle that may erupt on Wednesday and Thursday connected to decisions about what to do with shared resources. The urge for control will be felt between both of you and the only way you’ll overcome it is to remember that you’re on the same side.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — As you’re busy re-evaluating career goals or struggling to understand why your boss isn’t patting you on the back lately, you may notice that your sweetheart isn’t exactly helping the situation. He or she might even aggravate things after Saturday. The two of you might find yourselves engaged in a heated argument about your sex life or shared finances. The lack of sympathy for your difficult week will be bad enough but the fact that your love may add insult to injury? Ouch!
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — Finances will be a priority this week and somehow it’ll tie in themes of love and relationship. If you and your mate are sharing resources, it might be time to assess exactly what is “yours, mine and ours.” Venus will retrograde into your 8th House of Joint Finances on Friday emphasizing this theme until September 6. You might have a situation during this time where one of you leans more on the other for financial support. Or, it’s possible that you’ll decide it’s a good time to re-evaluate your portfolio together. An excellent plan!
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — Exciting developments in your love life are possible thanks to a New Moon on Wednesday that’ll fall in your 7th House of Partnership. There is, however, a catch. Unfortunately, on the same day Mars and Mercury will oppose Pluto, now in your sign. This suggests that before you and your love can reach a new phase of happy together, you’ll have to hash out a few things first. The arguments might be ugly at times but keep your eye on the prize — it’s within reach!
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — If you recently started dating someone who has a background quite different than your own, things might begin to get dicey this week. While you may have been quite attracted to your differences initially, now that you’ve been together for a while it appears that you’ll notice a few details that you’re not as open minded about. This might be anything from religious, philosophical or moral beliefs but whatever it is; it will certainly strike a chord and demand an honest conversation.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — With a Full Moon in your sign this Friday, there’s no doubt that you’re more emotionally in tune than usual. Use this to your advantage and do what you can to connect deeply with your partner. He or she might be more responsive to your sentimental side than you think. In fact, it’s possible that your love is troubled by an unresolved situation in your relationship. If you show that you’re emotionally open rather than defensive, this will be an excellent time to iron out whatever wrinkle this is.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — Things between you and your mate might have seemed to be so perfect lately that you’ve been certain nothing can rattle the cage of your relationship. This week however, all of that may begin to shift. Venus will leave your partnership sector on Saturday and will enter the area of your chart connected to joint finances. While usually an auspicious financial cycle, this time Venus will be crawling and will turn retrograde next week. You might learn that everything isn’t what you thought it was when it comes to love and money.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — If you’re in a relationship, this week you and your mate are likely to spend time reviewing your finances. Any debt that you share such as a mortgage, loan or credit card balance might be up for discussion and revision. Perhaps the two of you will brainstorm ideas that will help you consolidate or even erase debt. That would be the best possible scenario. Unfortunately, before you are on the same page it appears that you’ll have a couple of issues to iron out. You’ll get through it.
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For the Week of Jul 27th, 2015 — Although you might spend most of this week working through a rough patch with your partner, it appears that by Friday, the two of you will have either agreed to disagree or resolved the situation. Alternatively, if you have been struggling with growing romantic feelings for a coworker, things could begin to get messy by Friday. Will you pursue this or will you refuse to mix business with pleasure? That’s the million dollar question that only your heart can answer.
For the Week of Jul 13th, 2015 — If you’re dating someone new it’s possible that your love life is about to get quite interesting — and messy. On Wednesday or Thursday, you might realize that it’s time to cut ties with this person. Perhaps you and your lover aren’t as simpatico as you originally thought. He or she might make a demand you’re not comfortable with. Even if you’re in a solid union it’s likely that after Saturday you and your mate will need some relationship re-hab. Whatever the trouble is, at least you’ll both try to fix it.
For the Week of Jul 20th, 2015 — Are you married or in a committed relationship? If so, you might notice that you and your partner aren’t feeling the love as much as you usually do. Before you jump to conclusions and assume anything major is wrong, why not approach your mate and talk about the elephant in the room? Perhaps it’s as simple as your partner getting tired of doing certain household chores or taking care of other details that hold the foundation of your relationship together. A more balanced approach might be necessary to ease some of the weight off of your mate.