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Weekly Love Horoscope – August 10th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - August 10th, 2015

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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — An exhilarating week can be yours — if you’re willing to be in the moment. Most likely you will be since you’re a leap before you look kind of sign. In matters of the heart, however, this isn’t always the best approach. Even so… if you are open to trying something new and getting out of your romantic comfort zone there’s every indication that you’ll be thrilled you did. If single, accept a first date with someone who isn’t your usual type. Expect to be amazed!
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — This might be the kind of week that makes your head spin. It might be all too easy to fool yourself into believing that you can continue to be happy in matters of the heart by falling into the same pattern with an ex-lover. In reality however, the delights you enjoy on Tuesday will be quickly overshadowed by a heavy dose of reality by Wednesday. If you didn’t confront the intimacy issues you had before with this person what makes you think it’ll be smooth sailing the second time around? Fortunately, your ruling planet, Mars, will give you a major boost of courage after Saturday to finally make any necessary changes.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Grab the love potential this week Aries because as long as you’re willing to take it — it’s yours! It all starts on Thursday, when the Sun in your romance sector will be at a perfect link to Uranus, now in your sign. The more original you can be, the sexier you become. It’s really that simple! Then, on Friday, a delicious New Moon in your 5th House of True Love can set the tone for a brand new love affair. Venus retrograde bumps into the Sun on Saturday making sure that you revisit the way romance can make you come alive.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — You’re starting to feel more and more hopeful about your romantic prospects now that Jupiter is moving through your 5th House of True Love. This week, it looks like you’re also one step closer to cleaning up a domestic related mess that has hindered you from enjoying a healthy love life. You’re not completely out of the muck just yet, but at long last, you can see a heart at the end of the tunnel. Yes!
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — On Monday, you might believe that you and your partner will magically work through the differences you share concerning a domestic matter. Unfortunately, by Wednesday, it’ll be clear that the only way to resolve this situation is through heavy compromise. You might feel that you have no other option but to have your personal relationship continue to suffer in order to take care of what you need to at home. In reality, it appears that you’re afraid to do the work necessary to make the relationship a priority. If that’s the case, you run the risk of losing it altogether.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Are you ready for a seismic shift in your love life? Well get ready Taurus, because ready or not, here it comes! This Tuesday, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will enter your 5th House of Romance for the first time in twelve years! Until September 2016, you’ll have your happiest prospects to meet and fall in love with someone special, if you’re single. If attached, you might have a baby or somehow reignite all those initial dating sparks with your love. Don’t worry if you don’t feel this shift immediately. Remember, your ruler, Venus is still retrograde until September 6. Just know that it’s coming. Soon.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — If you’re single and have been going back and forth over whether or not to re-join one of those dating websites, this is the week to say YES. Retrograde Venus in your communication sector will make a brilliant link to surprise a minute Uranus in your social 11th house. This is also the part of your chart ruling the Internet and technology. There’s a good indication that you might re-connect with a past lover through social media as well. Sparks may fly all over again. Yum!
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — Heavy work commitments might really throw a wet blanket over your love life this week. You might feel a bit of hope on Tuesday when you and your sweetheart enjoy a delicious conversation about romantic possibilities. Unfortunately, by Wednesday you might have to cancel any plans due to a last minute crisis at the office that you’ll have to address. You might resent having to prioritize work over romance, but the good news is that your partner will be more understanding than you expect.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Mental connections are always vital to you when it comes to romance. Happily, this week, it appears that the universe is supporting them fully. On Thursday, you and your love might enjoy a stimulating conversation about your shared dreams that leaves you feeling extra amorous. Then, after Friday, it looks like the two of you are finally ready to sit down and make some of those life altering decisions about your future. You’ll definitely be on the same page.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — It may seem as though love bites this week … and you may have a few wounds to lick because of it. On Friday, the Sun will square off with Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation. Saturn is moving through your true love sector, while the Sun is in the part of your chart connected to self-worth. You might have a difficult time feeling as if you’ll ever find true love again and be tempted to settle for something less than you know you deserve. Don’t fall into that trap.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — Be sure to make the most of the final days of Mars trekking through your sign. Until Saturday, you’ll enjoy the continued surge of energy, and the ability to really go after what you want in relationship. In fact, on Thursday when Mars is at a perfect angle to Saturn (now in your true love sector) — it’s possible that you’ll feel more confident than ever to take a chance on building a new romantic foundation with someone special. Go for it!
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — If you and your partner have a vital decision to make together this week, or, if you have a deep and meaningful conversation — it’ll be important to time it right. Don’t even bother near Wednesday, when Mercury and Neptune oppose one another. Mixed messages will be everywhere! Instead, aim for Saturday, when Mercury in your communication sector will be at a perfect trine to Pluto, now in your relationship sector. You’ll be glad you did.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — Romantic potential will be brightest for you on Wednesday. There’s a possibility that you and your sweetheart will decide to take a vacation together in order for you both to re-connect. If so, be sure to choose a destination you’ve both been to before — and absolutely love. Try not to allow a domestic situation ruin your positive romantic vibes this week. That might be extra difficult to achieve on Friday.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — You may continue to struggle with not feeling your most beautiful or valued in terms of relationships this week. Fortunately, by the weekend, it looks like you’ll have finally have had enough of this self-pity party and will be ready to be more proactive than in recent weeks to change whatever it is that’s keeping you feeling so stuck in the mud. Venus continues to travel retrograde in your sign but once Mars enters the picture on Saturday, you’re no longer willing to remain in the shadow.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — This is your week to shine Leo! Let’s not focus on Venus, still traveling retrograde in your sign because you don’t have to worry about her dulling your sparkle now. In fact, it appears you’re ready to dazzle others in a whole new way, thanks to the glorious New Moon in your sign this Friday. You are presenting yourself in an entirely new light which will be extremely attractive to others. The only caveat? Someone from your past might want you a bit more than you want him or her. Oh well.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — Think back to a theme connected to your love life that emerged around June 20. It might have involved joint finances or your intimate world — but it was definitely positive. This week, it appears that there’s a second phase connected to that time and once again, you’ll benefit from it. The most interesting part about this is that whatever is happening, it’s going to happen behind the scenes. Don’t be concerned — that’s the way you want it.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — A breakthrough is possible this week if you and your partner have been participating in couples counseling. Although it might be quite uncomfortable to reach, it’s certainly within your grasp — as long as you’re both willing to work for it. After Friday, communication becomes easier all around when your ruler, Mercury, enters your sign. At that point, you’ll find that you’re able to talk about a difficult topic with your mate without a therapist to buffer you.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Your time has arrived! This Tuesday, Jupiter, the planet of blessings, will enter your sign for the first time in twelve years. This monumental cosmic shift will shower you with more opportunity for goodness than you can possibly imagine. One notable effect it will have is to your love and relationship life. New relationships will form until September 2016 with the power to lift you up in magical ways. If you’re single, this year you might meet someone extra special. If attached, your relationship looks brighter than ever. Enjoy!
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — Elation is sure to be yours this Wednesday! If you’re in a relationship with someone, the two of you are likely to branch out and try something new and exciting together. This might be slightly experimental but you’ll both crave the erratic part of it — in fact it’ll make your hearts beat faster! The only problem is that on Friday you’ll be reminded that sometimes, excitement can be quite expensive. Don’t break the bank.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — You might convince yourself that it’s a good idea to mix friendship and sex but before you make a move you might later regret, carefully consider what you’re getting yourself into. A temporary boost in confidence brought about by a pal’s advances, might quickly lead to a major loss of self-respect by mid-week. Or, it’s possible that you and a pal have true feelings for each other but are still unable to do anything about them due to circumstances. Either way, it’ll feel more frustrating than fulfilling this week.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — There’s fabulous news for you in the romance department! A friend might be the key to turning your love life around, so pay attention to what your pals are saying. This might be in the form of meaningful advice, or, if single, an offer to set you up with someone. This might be someone you declined to meet in the past for one reason or another. This week however, you may have a change of heart. Going with the flow can be the best decision you make for your love life this week.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — There’s so much promise for you socially that it’s sure to help your romantic prospects. If you’re in a relationship then you and your partner might start to branch out more and find amazing couples friends that you enjoy going out with together. Another possibility is that you and your mate will decide to join a new group or organization together, expanding your social circle in that way. If single, all you need to do is look to your friends for new dating options.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — Matters of the heart might be a real struggle this week if you’re not feeling a real sense of admiration for your partner. If the relationship has gone stale and you no longer feel the same level of respect for your mate that you used to, you have to be honest about it. Trying to push these feelings away will only make it more difficult to rectify the situation — if that is even possible at this point. Consider talking to a mentor or spiritual advisor about this on Thursday. He or she may offer you a fresh perspective that’s extremely helpful.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Expect a breath of fresh air in your love and social life this week. On Tuesday, Jupiter will enter your 11th House of Friends, Groups, Hopes and Dreams for the first time in twelve years. What this suggests is that if finding love is on your dream priority list, Jupiter can provide all the support necessary to help make it happen. Another possibility is that, since your social life is about to get busier and happier, you will be in the position to mingle with plenty of interesting souls. Keep your heart open.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — Expect to have quite an adventure this week with your lover. He or she might sweep you off your feet this Wednesday with a whirlwind surprise that is sure to delight you. This will be something that expands your horizons while also reconnecting the two of you romantically. This will surely be a welcome change of pace since you’ll both depart from your usual routine in order to try something new. How exciting!
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — If you’re struggling with a career decision, or what to say to your boss or business partner in an upcoming meeting, you may want to enlist the advice of your mate. In fact, after Friday it appears that communicating with your partner about career matters and life goals will be quite supported. Sure, you might still be going back and forth about a difference of ideology, a culture clash or religious perspective. This week however, it might be a good idea to put a placeholder on those issues and talk about something else. Try it.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Communication might be extra fuzzy with your partner this Wednesday — especially if you’re discussing anything that has to do with a family or career matter. Avoid getting locked into any decisions on this day since neither one of you will feel that you’ve got your facts straight. The good news is that after Friday you and your mate are likely to see a light at the end of the tunnel relating to differences of opinion. Finally!
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — You and your partner might not want to stray too far from home. Why? There’s a great indication that you’ll enjoy an ultra-sexy time together on Wednesday — without leaving your cozy abode. Whatever you do, avoid allowing your friends to get in the way of your private affairs this week. It looks like there’s at least one pal who will try to kill your buzz and make you focus more on what’s wrong in your love life than what’s right.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — You and your partner might go back and forth in a meaningful effort to solve a joint financial problem or a disagreement you have about how to budget and invest money together. While you might feel as if you have to temporarily sacrifice funding one of your personal goals, this will be a week where you and your mate can truly make progress in an area where there used to be nothing but contention.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Intimate matters between you and your partner continue to be the focus. Happily, this week appears to bring progress in at least one of the areas you’ve been struggling with. It might be sexual or financial in nature — and possibly both. Pay attention to developments that occur after Friday when solutions should begin to appear. You’ll be relieved on one level but you’ll also be excited. Things will suddenly look much brighter than you once thought.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — On Wednesday, you and your partner can expect to reach new heights together — and it all begins with the power of your mind. Be sure to share your most “out there” ideas with your mate. He or she won’t think you’re crazy. In fact, there’s every indication that you’ll feel extra supported as you share your most innovative thoughts. A difficult career related situation on Friday however, threatens to sour your romantic potential for the weekend. Do your best to get around it.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — Pay attention to seemingly small developments between you and your partner this week. On Tuesday, you might feel a surge of hope about the two of you truly reconnecting and enjoying life together once more. Then, on Thursday, it’s possible that you’ll revisit a conversation about a topic you were never able to agree on in the past. Now, it’ll be possible for the two of you to take a different approach in order to make this situation right. Ultimately, it’ll motivate you to continue improving your relationship. You’ll feel that in a dynamic way after Saturday.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — You and your partner will continue to pay close attention to all matters of couple hood. The good news is that a wonderful conversation between the two of you on Thursday might lead to a fresh start in the relationship area for both of you by Friday. If you’ve felt less than satisfied, suddenly you’ll get this warm and fuzzy feeling that maybe, love can conquer all. Guess what? It can.
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For the Week of Aug 17th, 2015 — There might be some more ups and downs connected to romance this week. On Wednesday you may feel like you’re on cloud nine with your lover. He or she seems to bring out the best in you, is making you feel like a million bucks and seems to want to help you manage the most unmanageable parts of your life. On Friday however, the highest of highs may turn into the lowest of lows. You might discover a moral sticking point, religious difference or other philosophical dilemma that you have. You won’t be able to overlook it.
For the Week of Aug 3rd, 2015 — If single, it’s possible that you’ll meet someone this Thursday who has a background that is unique from yours in some way. Although you’ll notice that these differences are prominent, they won’t be a deal breaker. You’ll feel an intriguing combination of familiarity along with the originality of this person and that will make you feel safe enough to explore potential. If you’re attached, after Friday, communication between you and your mate will improve dramatically. Enjoy the boost until August 27.
For the Week of Aug 10th, 2015 — Anticipate a significant change in the possibilities ahead for you and someone close. If you’re in a relationship that’s already going well, expect it to become even better. If dating, you and a love mate could decide that it’s time to make a stronger commitment to one another. Even if you’re in a sour relationship, as long as you both are willing to work on things, there will be much promise ahead. All of this is due to Jupiter’s shift into your 7th House of Partnership on Tuesday. Until September 2016 you’ll have remarkable support in your relationship life. Yes!