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Weekly Love Horoscope – September 21st, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - September 21st, 2015

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — While you need to remain true to yourself, this week you might also realize that doing so is at the expense of your partner. Do what you can to find some middle ground during this time of intense personal change. A conversation with your partner on Wednesday might bring up old, unresolved issues that continue to haunt your mate with resentment. Don't run away from the conversation — run towards it.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — As Mercury turns retrograde smack dab in your 7th House of Relationships, it might feel impossible to have a conversation with your mate that goes in the direction you want it to. You might as well get comfortable with the fact that the two of you will need to have plenty of discussion before you make a major decision together. Eventually, the frustration will lead to a breakthrough. Be patient.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Take advantage of the last few days sexy Mars will tour your romance sector. In fact, after Thursday, Mars won't come back to this area of your chart for two years. So go ahead and party like it's 1999 with the one you love. Have fun! A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on Sunday will require you to let go of something you've attached to your identity for way too long but have now outgrown. Let it happen regardless of what your partner thinks about it. After all, it's your life.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Take advantage of the Moon touring your sign between Tuesday afternoon, and into Thursday afternoon. During this time, you'll wear your heart on your sleeve making it much easier for your partner to see your true feelings about any situation. If you've been keeping your emotions locked up for some reason, you're likely to realize that it's no longer serving you or your relationship.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — You might have high hopes when it comes to your romantic prospects. This week isn't the time to start second guessing yourself. As a matter of fact, in your case, it appears that you absolutely should expect only good things to come. Even if one of your friends tells you that a certain romantic situation you're in is too good to be true, don't listen to your pal — listen to your heart.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Are you ready for even more yummy romantic energy? Can you handle it? Of course you can, so get ready! This Thursday, Mars, the planet that rules libido and sex will enter your 5th House of True Love for the first time in two years. Mars will remain in this part of your chart until November 11, adding even more opportunity for you to get your groove on with someone special. Yes!

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Changes in your social life might cause more confusion in your love life than you ever thought possible. If, for example, you recently ended a friendship, you might discover this week that your sweetheart has no intention of cutting ties with this person just because you did. In this case, you'll need to examine why you feel threatened or unsupported about his or her decision. An honest conversation is called for.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — Anticipate a cosmic shift that is sure to have long term effects on your love life. Saturn, the planet of lessons and responsibility, will enter your 7th House of Partnership and will remain in this part of your chart until late December 2017. This might be a time where you and your mate realize that a successful relationship requires more work than you ever thought. If you're both willing to put in the effort however, you'll come out of this stronger than ever.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — You and your partner will truly feel like a team this week. If you have any project or other endeavor that you want to collaborate on, aim to begin it this Thursday. The two of you will help each other remain disciplined so that you can get the job done! Also, you might feel a stronger level of stability in your relationship than you have in the past. No matter what, you know you can count on the one you love.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Domestic squabbles and uncertainty might bleed into your relationship harmony more than you'd prefer. Unfortunately, it appears to be unavoidable. You and your mate are long overdue for a few conversations that are likely to make both of you uncomfortable. At the same time however, the future of your family harmony might be at stake. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Even better, consider family or couples counseling to help iron out any stalemate.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — Since October 2012, Saturn has been moving through the area of your chart connected to romance and dating. If single, falling in love might not have been easy for you to experience as a result. Perhaps you've been licking your wounds of past heartbreak for so long that you thought your days of love were over. Guess what? They're not. Saturn leaves this area of your chart this week for good. Dare to open your heart again.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — There's definitely more of a focus this week on work and career matters rather than love. Hey, timing is everything, right? Use this week to get back on track with your professional goals and allow your love life to simply float. There's nothing wrong with keeping things status quo between you and your lover for a week. After all, he or she should want you to take advantage of all the delicious professional energy you have in store anyway.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Your mind is completely overwhelmed with relationship thoughts and decisions these days. Since September 17, Mercury has been traveling retrograde in your message sector and he's been in the partnership sign, Libra. As a result, until October 9, you'll continue to go back and forth about several issues connected to your love life. Don't expect to reach full clarity until after Mercury turns direct. This Wednesday however, you might have a breakthrough.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — Get ready for serious lessons in the romance department. This week Saturn will move into your true love sector and will remain in this part of your chart until December 2017. During this time you'll be challenged to "get real" about matters of the heart in a way that you might have cleverly tried to avoid up until this point. Now, Saturn will force you to confront any and every insecurity you ever had about love. Get to work!

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Someone special might take your breath away this Tuesday! Venus, now in your sign, will be at a gorgeous angle to Uranus, the planet of surprises. As long as you're willing to go with the flow and try something new it appears you won't be disappointed. In addition, a conversation between you and your sweetie on Wednesday might have both of you thinking about the future. Your future…together.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — You and your partner might be in need of a serious conversation this week. Whether your finances are intermingled or not, it looks like your mate has put his or her nose into your personal finances over the last couple of weeks. His or her ideas or comments might have left you feeling more insecure or frustrated than you expected. This week, consider approaching your mate to discuss what's really behind his or her snide remarks. You'll be glad you did.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — You're even more practical, organized and efficient than usual these days now that Jupiter is moving through your sign. The very best of your qualities are expanded now and lucky for your partner he or she will be the beneficiary of them. This week however, it's possible that you will feel so swept away by your relationship that for a brief moment in time you'll forget that there's any room for improvement.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Get ready to bring sexy back! This Thursday Mars will enter your sign for the first time in two years and will remain in Virgo until November 12. During the next several weeks, you're likely to feel a surge in confidence and your sex drive. You will have little trouble going after whoever it is you desire — even if you're usually the more reserved type. Indeed, now is the time to take what you want. Remember: no guts, no glory!

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — With Mercury traveling retrograde in your sign since September 17, it hasn't been easy to get your points across to your mate with ease. This past Sunday, a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership sector might have added even more tension to an already frustrating situation between the two of you. Do your best to pick up the pieces this week. Most of all remain patient and understanding. A productive conversation is possible. Aim for Wednesday.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — Be gentle with yourself if you start to stumble more over your words than usual. Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign this week and until October 9, it's possible that you will have a more difficult time conveying ideas and thoughts to others in the way you intend to. This might be an extra significant frustration in partnership matters. Avoid making any final decisions about your relationship if possible. You'll only change your mind.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Expect an electrifying encounter with your partner this week. One of your pals might invite the two of you to attend a social event that is unusual in some way. It might have to do with the people or it could be a theme party. Whatever the details, you and your mate are sure to have an exhilarating time that will somehow put plenty of sparks back into your lives. Then, a Lunar Eclipse on Sunday will lead to a turning point in your relationship. It'll be deep.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Words that have been left unsaid to your partner for way to long are likely to be the source of your frustration these days. You want to have these conversations with your partner — finally! The problem is that every time you think about how you want to express yourself, you get stuck. Don't be so hard on yourself now. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for at least having a desire to get the dialogue started. Even if it's messy.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — At last it's time to celebrate! This week Saturn, the planet of limitation and lessons, will leave your sign and won't return for another twenty nine years! You might have felt the burden of this planet in a very significant way personally over the last several years. Although you matured along the way you might have also felt a new level of commitment and responsibility in your relationship. Now you can enjoy life again without so much weight. Doesn't it feel amazing?

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Expect even more activity in your social life. On Thursday, Mars will enter your 11th house giving you more invitations than you can possibly handle. Until November 12, there will be an extraordinary level of chaos and stimulation when it comes to friends and groups. If single, this might be a time you decide to make a move and initiate contact with someone you meet online. You and a pal might also decide to explore that mutual chemistry you share.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — Taking advice from a well-meaning friend this week about your love life might prove to be confusing at best and disastrous at worst. Or, it's possible that you'll be the one who tries to provide guidance to your pal, only to realize that you should have kept your mouth shut instead. When it comes to friendship and matters of the heart, do your best to keep things separate. At least until after October 9.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — It's time to get serious about your life. Saturn will enter your sign this week and until December 2017, you'll experience a karmic learning curve that's all about "growing up." In some cases, it'll involve taking on a new level of responsibility in your personal life such as marriage or parenthood. For others, it'll be all about learning how to fly solo again after a long relationship has run its course.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — Romance will surely be your focus — for better or worse! On Tuesday, Venus will be at a perfect angle to Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Since this is a happy link, the planet of love will respond in a kind way to whatever surprise Uranus has in store. Enjoy the exhilaration! Then, on Sunday, a Lunar Eclipse in your true love sector will help you truly see the light when it comes to your relationship with someone special. If you're meant to have a future together you'll know it.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — The Moon will tour your true love sector between Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, providing a wonderful opportunity to be completely transparent about your feelings with your lover. The best part of this is that he or she will be just as emotionally receptive. As a bonus, you'll also enjoy more physical pleasures together as you relate. Think pillow talk or a soak in the tub together. Give each other a massage or foot rub. Hug.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — With your ruling planet changing signs this week, there are sure to be implications affecting your love life. Saturn will now move onto the area of your chart connected to your hidden anxieties and insecurities. Fear of success or fear of failure issues might need to be addressed and you might also realize that a goal you had for many years suddenly no longer fits. As you go through these shifts, do your best to lean into your relationship for support.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — It's all about home and family matters this week Capricorn. So if you're in a relationship, your partner will surely be pulled into whatever is happening. On Tuesday, it looks like you and your mate will enjoy a happy development that affects your family finances. Then, on Sunday, it'll be clear that a change must happen in order for you both to feel the way you want to feel at home. You're both ready for it.

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — You and your partner might feel as if you share extremely different viewpoints on a moral or philosophical matter. As you continue to have conversations about this specific topic, do your best to respect each other's differences and let go of the need to make yourself right. If not, this might only lead to a greater rift in your ability to communicate about things that matter most.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — Mercury, the ruler of your true love sector, is scheduled to turn retrograde this Thursday and will remain out of phase until October 9. It's possible that you'll reconnect with an ex you used to date while in college. You might also rekindle a romance with someone you dated who has a background very different than yours. Alternatively, you and your current sweetie might begin to wonder if you can remain together while sharing radically different viewpoints on key issues.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — A conversation with your sweetheart on Tuesday will surprise you — in the most amazing way possible. Whatever subject you and your love end up discussing will take a unique twist and turn leaving you feeling more intrigued than ever with your partner's mind. You'll come away from this week feeling as if your friendship with one another has been fortified along with the love you share as a couple. Wonderful!

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For the Week of Monday, Sep. 28 — You'll need to pay attention to financial matters this week that involve your partner. Whether it's how you both pool your resources in order to pay down any shared debt, or, if it's about investment strategies, it might be helpful to involve a third party into the conversation. You and your mate are likely to have a hard time making any decision together without an expert such as your accountant or financial advisor weighing in. Make the call.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 14 — You might insist on keeping your rose colored glasses firmly attached to your face this week — especially when you're with your partner. Indeed, you would much prefer to share romance, fantasy and spiritual or imaginative pursuits with your mate instead of practical, boring everyday tasks on your mutual "to do" list. If possible, go ahead and indulge in healthy ways to get away from it all together. It looks like your partner needs this as much as you do.

For the Week of Monday, Sep. 21 — You and your partner are ready to stir the pot and add a lot more spice to your relationship. On Thursday, Mars, the planet of aggravation, will enter your partnership sector. He'll remain in this part of your chart until November 12. You'll notice that you and your mate are no longer willing to sweep any problems under the rug. While it's true that you'll both feel edgier, any arguments you have will likely lead to the most fantastic make up sex. Take it while it's hot!