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Weekly Love Horoscope – October 26th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - October 26th, 2015

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — If you're involved in an office romance, things should get extra steamy this week. On Monday you and your lover might decide to go public about your relationship. Or, it's possible that the two of you will get caught displaying a bit too much PDA on the job. Be careful! On Sunday Venus will move into your relationship sector, and balance between you and your mate will be a higher priority. You'll focus less on your personal needs and more on your partner's, which will be a nice change of pace.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — You might feel like you and your partner are anywhere this week but on the same wavelength. Communication if you're in a committed relationship might seem downright impossible! Do your best to navigate past these frustrating (and temporary) mental roadblocks without creating unnecessary problems in your partnership. If single, an office romance might heat up this week. It might be too hot to handle but oh so worth it!

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — There's incredible support if you're ready to take a leap in your relationship and show your mate a side that you have been too insecure to reveal in the past. This might feel a lot like baring your soul — and it is. The good news is that your partner will only love you more for being brave enough to reveal a part of you that is deeper than you usually allow. Keep breaking down those barriers Aries — you're doing great!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — Your love life continues to please this week! On Monday Venus and Mars embrace in your romance sector, helping to set off even more sparks between you and your sweetheart. If you're in a fairly new relationship it's possible that you'll be ready to take things to a more physical level now. If you and your lover are more established you'll still benefit from this connection. The two of you will be like two peas in a pod. Expect this to last all week!

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Romance is off the charts for you this week! Of course, these days you probably feel that you're getting more love opportunity than you have in quite some time. Don't question it — relish it! On Friday and Saturday, love planet Venus, now in your 5th House of Pleasure, will be at gorgeous angles to both Pluto and Jupiter. Romance is transformative, fulfilling and expansive. You'll feel so blessed to share love with your special someone.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — Your love life couldn't possibly feel more gratifying than it does these days. A Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday will leave you more emotionally open than you have been in quite some time. Tell your lover exactly how you feel! Then, on Friday, you can expect your heart's desire to come true when it comes to love and relationships. Your wish is the Universe's command. Make it a good one!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You and your sweetheart will be quite content this week staying close to home, snug as two bugs in a rug! On Monday this energy peaks so don't be surprised if you and your love both decide to sleep in and either take the day off or go to work later. If you can both work from home that would be ideal — it'll be productive and romantic. Then on Sunday, love planet Venus moves into your true love sector. If you're single, a new dating prospect may be on the horizon.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — No matter how hard you try, it might feel like it's impossible to get what you want out of your lover. The problem isn't even connected to how you feel about each other. It's more about irreconcilable differences that threaten to disrupt any potential the two of you have for peace. Be the bigger person and ask yourself if it's more important to be right or to be in love. At the end of the week, you might regret any hasty words or decisions. Do yourself a favor — avoid them.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — Give yourself a time out from the chaos of life and go within. As you do so, you'll decompress enough to consider exactly what you need in terms of romantic sustenance. Does your lover have what it takes to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan? Is that really a deal breaker for you if he or she doesn't? What about sex? Physical presence? The ability for your lover to feed your soul? All of these questions will be answered this week. If you dare to ask.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — Mercury enters your true love sector on Monday, allowing you and your sweetheart to enjoy communication with greater depth. The fact that Venus and Mars embrace in your communication sector on the same day only adds to the amazing mental connection between you and your lover. On Thursday there might be an intense situation between the two of you that serves to strengthen your bond. Either way, this week you'll both agree: The brain is your favorite erogenous zone. Work it!

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — You'll have a magnificent opportunity to restore your relationship this week by having a deep and meaningful conversation with your partner on Friday. The two of you might finally come to an agreement about a matter that neither one of you wanted to concede on previously. Suddenly, it'll feel as if it's almost effortless to compromise. Then, on Sunday, you and your love will enjoy freely expressing your love for one another. You might get too expressive and sentimental but who cares? You're in love.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — Your love and social life will truly be divine this week. On Tuesday, you'll feel as if you can truly count on your circle of friends — through thick and thin. Then, on Friday, you might feel as if you've stepped into the most enchanting fairytale ever. A special date with your sweetheart or a new love interest will prove to be absolutely hypnotic. Enjoy the love spell!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — This week you'll surely feel treasured by your sweetheart. On Monday expect him or her to shower you with love and compliments — especially about how indispensable you are. Not only will you feel the passionate flames of love burning brightly, but you'll also know that your sweetheart truly appreciates the little things you do every day to show your love. On Sunday Venus moves into your communication sector, and conversations with you and your mate look sweeter than ever.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Communication won't be your strong suit this week so do your best to avoid getting into weighty conversations with your partner if you can. There seems to be a frustrating energy that will put the two of you on polar opposite ends of the viewpoint spectrum no matter how hard you try to see each other's perspective. The good news? Finances look wonderful this week and if your lover doesn't ruffle your feathers you'll probably enjoy an indulgent weekend together.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — You'll be in the spotlight for a major achievement. Since all eyes will be on you, you'll want to make sure that you can truly show off your partner as well. Fortunately, it'll be easy to do. There will be little doubt in your mind that your partner is truly worthy of "arm candy" status. It might sound superficial but it's actually deeper than it appears. Taking pride in your partner is a vital component of relationship for you. Honor it.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You might be the luckiest sign of all this week when it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo. On Monday Venus and Mars will embrace in your sign, offering you a taste of the most delicious romantic feast you can conjure up. Expect to feel more attractive and desired by your partner and as a result, you'll be ready for love! Then, on Thursday you and your sweetheart might enjoy a deep and meaningful conversation on a topic you previously shied away from.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Your love life might seem too good to be true this week. On Friday, Venus and Pluto will be at a perfect angle to one another emphasizing the best when it comes to the power of love. You are truly blessed with this aspect since Venus will be in your sign and Pluto is moving through your true love sector. Then, on Sunday, Venus and Jupiter embrace in your sign. Love is divine and you're oozing beauty and joy. What could be better?

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — Communication with your partner will be divine this week. You'll find it easy to share your dreams and know that they're fully supported by your mate. In fact, you and your partner will likely inspire one another to go after a "pie in the sky" dream that each of you has. It's wonderful to know that you're with someone who is not only your greatest cheerleader, but also loves you unconditionally.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You and your sweetheart might enjoy a secret rendezvous early in the week. There's definitely a lot happening in your love life behind closed doors! Then on Sunday, your ruler, Venus, will enter your sign! This is an extra blessed event since Venus is now at home in a sign she rules. Plus, since it's your sign, you will benefit the most from her gifts. Expect to look more beautiful, feel more confident, and enjoy a lovely phase of harmony with your mate.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — If you can manage to get through this week unscathed in the love department, you'll truly be thrilled. Unfortunately, it will be much easier said than done. Although Mercury is in your sign (helping you communicate your agenda) it appears no one will want to listen. You might come on too strong as you attempt to convey your opinion or desires. Kick it down a notch (or ten) and then you might have some luck. Also, remember to keep private affairs private. If not, you'll unravel your partner. Discretion is rewarded. So is tact.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — The physical, more material aspects of your relationship will take center stage this week. You're not interested in only having fun with your lover. You want more. You want to be certain that the person you're with is someone you can build a life with — one with lasting security. Don't be ashamed of feeling this way — it's a reality of life to need to pay your bills and put food on the table. You can't live off of love alone.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — If you've been on the fence about going from friends to lovers with someone special, this is the week to take the plunge! On Monday Venus and Mars will be in a heated embrace smack dab in your friendship sector. What better support could there be than this? Make the first move and stop overthinking things. After Sunday you might prefer a more private approach to matters of the heart. That's perfect. After all, there's more room for romance when you lock out every possible distraction.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — A conversation with one of your pals might be exactly what you need this week to help you make a life changing decision about your love life. Instead of relying on your own thoughts — or discussing your love life with a relative — consider opening up to a trusted friend. You'll be surprised. Another possibility is that you and a friend will be ready to take your connection to the next level. That's right … lovers.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — A Full Moon in your relationship sector on Tuesday will allow you to see exactly what you have in terms of love and partnership. Thankfully, you're more likely to feel genuinely content with your mate than anything else. On Friday, you'll enjoy an off the charts romantic evening. If single, this is the perfect night for a first day with someone special. Expect to see stars!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You might spend more time this week on career matters. The good news is that if you're in a relationship, there's every indication that your partner will be fully supportive as you focus on your professional goals. In fact, he or she might be your greatest cheerleader. Then on Sunday, your social life picks up dramatically. If single, this will be a great time to accept a friend's offer to hook you up with someone special.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Avoid making any hasty decisions about your love or social life this week. If you make a social commitment with your sweetheart it's possible that you'll need to cancel last minute, and your lover will not be happy about it! Instead, do what you can to keep your schedule fluid. Don't make promises you might not be able to keep. Although your lover won't like hearing this, he or she will at least appreciate your honesty.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — The Moon in your partnership sector this Thursday and Friday will help you and your mate connect emotionally. If you have been stressed out over the duties and responsibilities of life you might have been putting your relationship on the back burner. Although you may feel as if you can always count on your mate, it's not a reason to stop nurturing your relationship. Put some focus there this week — you'll be glad you did.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — What will strike you as the ultimate in "sexy" this week is whether or not you and your lover share a deeper spiritual connection. Are you on the same wavelength philosophically and ethically? Do you have something to teach one another — can you grow in this relationship? Happily, it appears that the answer to these questions is a resounding YES! Snuggle up to your partner and treasure how blessed you are to be connected: mind, body, and soul.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Your love life might be so enchanting this week that it opens up new and exciting doors for you without you even trying. Perhaps your lover has a fascinating spiritual or philosophical perspective he or she wants to share with you. On Friday, it'll bring you closer than you ever imagined since you're likely to resonate with it at a deeply profound level. Then, on Sunday, you'll be more optimistic about your love life than you have in quite some time. As you should.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — This week you and your lover will feel determined to live life to the fullest. In your view, this has everything to do with indulging your senses — each and every one of them. You and your partner might spring for a couple's massage — or even a couple's spa day. You might also make a reservation at a five star restaurant to celebrate the special occasion that is your love for each other. Feeling frugal? Enjoy a fall picnic at the beach or at your favorite park instead.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — The depth of feelings you share with your partner will surely be felt this week. On Monday you might even reach a point where the power of your romantic bond transforms each of you at a level you never even anticipated. Sexually, you will feel safe enough with your mate to explore you most erotic desires. Emotionally, you'll each invite the other into the places you hide when feeling vulnerable. This is more than love … it's intimacy.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Finances for you and your partner continue to glow. This week it's possible that a major payout from a behind the scenes source will put you and your mate on a whole new level. Now, you'll have the kind of money you need to make a real dent in your financial goals together. This might be due to a settlement or inheritance payout but whatever the details, it's likely to be noticeable.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — The Moon in your romance sector on Thursday and Friday will provide ample opportunity to show your sentimental side to your sweetie. He or she might not always see this part of you since you're typically more of the "think before you feel" kind of sign. Still, this week you'll have ample opportunity to reveal your softer side. Don't overthink it — just allow the emotions to flow!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — When it comes to love and passion, this week you will certainly have your fill. On Monday Venus and Mars embrace in your relationship sector, offering you and your mate one of the sexiest opportunities possible. Whatever else might be on your agenda, be sure to make time for love! Then after Sunday, it's possible that you and your partner will receive amazing financial news. The two of you might have a joint investment that does quite well. Enjoy the profits!

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 19 — Your heart and soul is in your relationship these days. Thankfully, it appears that you and your mate are truly in a magical place together. In fact, a happy union is all but promised with the kind of planetary patterns you're enjoying! That's right; it's your time for true soul mate love. On Friday, it's possible that you and your sweetheart will work towards manifesting a mutual dream. On Sunday, romantic vibes overflow. Enjoy every drop of love.

For the Week of Monday, Oct. 26 — Communicating from the heart will be important this week — and fortunately will be easy for you to accomplish. Tell your partner how much you need to feel a spiritual connection to him or her. Although it's likely that your mate already knows this, it's possible that the two of you have been paying more attention to practical matters lately. This week you'll have an opportunity to balance the physical with the mystical — successfully.