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Weekly Love Horoscope – November 30th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - November 30th, 2015

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Your love life may go from "high alert" this week to you feeling just plain "high" on Cloud 9. On Thursday you'll want to shake things up, but whatever you have planned may ruffle the feathers of peace in your relationship. The good news is that the chaos won't last long. By Friday you and your partner will remedy any frazzled nerves from the day before by scheduling some much needed couple alone time. It'll feel like your own private fantasy island.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — You certainly win the prize this week for the most interesting love life award. Whether or not that is a prize you'll actually want however, is debatable. Venus, now in your partnership sector, promises harmony and overall good vibes between you and your mate. On Monday however, you're ready to shake things up because "harmonious" to you is, well, boring. Be careful. Whatever excitement you stir up might end up being way more than you bargained for.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — If you're married or in a committed relationship, this week the emphasis on your relationship may turn toward joint finances. There's a good possibility that the two of you will decide to make a major investment together such as purchase a home, take out a business loan, or even begin to tuck away money together for a rainy day. Keep power plays out of your relationship on Sunday. If not, anticipate an explosion.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Romance will be extra sweet for you this week. In fact, you and your partner will enjoy a view from the top of your very own love pedestal. Venus is currently touring your partnership sector, adding a buffer of harmony between you and your mate. This Friday, she'll be at a perfect trine to Neptune, the planet of unconditional love. As a result, you and your partner will both look at each other through the eyes of love and grace … forgiving the hurts and glorifying the goodness you share.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Sudden changes in your love life might have an impact on your health this week. If you're feeling unsettled about where a relationship is headed, you might internalize it to the point where you create or exacerbate an illness. This could be physical, but it might also be related to mental anxiety. Do what you can to remain unruffled in the face of romantic uncertainty. Whatever curveball is thrown your way is not worth getting sick over. Plus, it's temporary.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — Expect an additional boost of harmony between you and your partner this week. On Friday your ruling planet, Venus, will move into your relationship sector, and will remain there until December 30. When Venus is in this part of your chart, a good relationship gets even sweeter. You'll feel your love intensify in the most profound way as long as you're open to sharing yourself completely. If you're dating someone, this is a time you might make a firmer commitment.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — On Tuesday you'll feel extra support from your mate as you pursue a long-held aspiration. The more unique this dream of yours is, the more likely your sweetheart will cheer you on. If single, on Thursday it's possible that a sudden opportunity for a one night stand will come your way. Don't take it — you may regret it in the morning. On Friday a New Moon falls in your partnership sector. Expect a fresh start in relationships, no matter where you currently stand.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Ups and downs in matters of the heart are par for the course, but this week it might be too much to handle. A surprise from your lover on Monday might not be as exciting as intended. In fact, you might feel more uncertain about the stability in your romance as the week wears on. A Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday amps up your sensitivity. Then, Saturn gets out of hand Thursday through Sunday, so if you're married, expect a frustrating situation you can't control.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — On Tuesday you and your partner will enjoy extraordinary communication potential. If you have a brilliant idea to share, be sure to do so. There's a strong possibility that your light-bulb moment is even more genius than you're giving yourself credit for. Your partner will see to it that you recognize how brainy and amazing you truly are. If single, after Friday an office romance might begin to develop. The chemistry you share with a colleague could be intense.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — If you're married or in a serious relationship, it's possible that communication between you and your mate will take a positive turn. This Wednesday Mercury will enter your partnership sector, allowing you to not only hear what each other has to say, but truly listen as well. On Friday romance will be extra divine. If single, a date with someone new has great promise. You'll feel swept off your feet. If attached, you'll be reminded that you're with a true soul mate.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Unexpected developments in your career and home life might rattle your love life by default. The truth is, you might feel pulled in so many different directions this week that it'll be difficult to enjoy spending quality time with your sweetheart. Make peace with the fact that sometimes in our hectic lives there's just no room for romance. If you're married, there may be a focus on your mate's health. Encourage your spouse to stop neglecting any doctor's appointments.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — Are you single? Looking for that special someone who'll capture your heart, body, AND soul? Well then — you're in luck! On Friday Venus will enter your true love sector for the first time in about a year. Until December 30, you'll have dazzling support to meet someone with the power to sweep you off your feet. Be sure to socialize more and consider all of your dating options. The one who intrigues you most will likely win.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Your love life will certainly be interesting this week. On Thursday, if you're in a relationship, your partner might make a snap decision that downright agitates you. Do your best to prevent this from becoming a monumental argument. Thankfully, the energy will pass quickly. Then on Friday, a New Moon in your romance sector will provide a gorgeous opportunity for you and your mate to enjoy a thoroughly entertaining date night. If single, new love may arrive.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Sometimes, love is hard. Sometimes, it even hurts. And sometimes, it confuses us to no end. This week Leo, you might get all of the above. Saturn, the planet of restriction and lessons, is currently touring your romance sector, making matters of the heart a serious thing. A slew of tense aspects might lead to you throwing up your hands in the air and swearing off love altogether. Don't despair, it will get better.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — A stimulating conversation with a fellow student in one of your classes, or with someone from a foreign country, might lead to romance this week. You'll instantly fall for this person's mind — and if you're single, pay attention to where it might lead. Before you know it, the two of you could be dating. If you're already dating someone, this week you might decide it's time to introduce each other to your families. Wait until after Friday for the most harmonious outcome.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Mercury will enter your true love sector on Wednesday and will remain there until January 1. As a result, this week your mind will definitely be on matters of the heart. If you're in a relationship you might want to talk to your sweetheart about how much playtime you're having together. More fun might be in order. If single, have conversations with potential dating prospects. At least one person is likely to stimulate you mentally.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Home and family matters will be tense this week, and instead of you and your partner sticking together during the trouble, you may feel as if you can't count on each other at all. If this happens, realize that the situation is likely to be a draining one for all involved and cut each other some slack. We all deal with stress in different ways. While that may not comfort you, it is reality. Rest assured, eventually, you'll find your way to each other's arms.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — If you're single, after Friday it's possible that you'll meet someone special right in your own backyard! A sexy new neighbor might move onto your block or into your apartment building. Introduce yourself and see where the conversation leads. Another possibility is that one of your siblings will offer to set you up with someone. Accept the offer — you have nothing to lose. If you're already in a relationship, communication with your sweetie becomes extra harmonious. Lovely!

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Your partner might seem to behave like an alien to you. He or she may be all over the place with actions, leaving you feeling exhausted and aggravated. If you feel like you can't rely on your mate for stability, this week you might finally need to hash things out. Your partner might feel a strong need for extra freedom these days. Even if you don't like how he or she chooses to express their individuality, on some level you may need to find a way to deal with it.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — This week, it's possible that your partner will pull a stunt that is so out of character, you're left wondering who, exactly, you're really with. Do your best to roll with the punches since there's a good possibility that whatever is happening, it'll be a short lived phase. Also: The tighter you try to hold on to a relationship, the faster it'll slip through your fingers. Give your mate breathing room. And take a time out for yourself while you're at it.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — A snap decision between you and your partner on Monday might end up being the most exciting thing you've done together in ages. Be open to whatever zany idea your mate brings up — you'll be glad you did! You'll be on energetic overload this Sunday. While it might be fantastic for your sex life, you may also easily misdirect your anger about a situation. Don't take it out on your partner; that wouldn't be fair.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Love is in the air! This Friday, Venus will be at a perfect angle to Neptune, promising fairytale romance between you and someone special. Since Venus is now in your sign, you're likely feeling more attractive and confident than ever. In addition, you'll feel truly appreciated by the person who loves you. Now, with a gorgeous link to Neptune, you can also anticipate feeling nothing but joy and optimism about romance with your soul mate. Enjoy the magic!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — A romance might leave you feeling less confident this week. If you're dating someone new, it's possible that you'll give into the voice in your head that says you can't really trust the person you're with. Even if he or she hasn't given you a valid reason to feel this way, you might struggle with feelings of confusion and suspicion. Before you jump to conclusions, take a step back and consider whether or not your insecurities are being triggered. Most likely they are.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — With Venus moving into Scorpio on Friday, until December 30 you'll have a fantastic edge in matters of the heart. Since Venus will boost your confidence and physical allure, it's likely that more than one person will show interest in you. If you're already in a relationship, you can expect your partner to be extra appreciative of the love you share. Any investment you make in yourself and your physical appearance now will pay off. You're worth it!

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Your love life will be anything but boring this week. On Thursday action planet Mars will oppose Uranus, the planet of sudden chaos, now in your romance sector. This might prompt you or your lover to take sudden action that completely throws you for a loop. You might also make a reckless move in your love life that you later regret. Be aware! Thankfully, a New Moon in your sign on Friday will help you with any do-over you need.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Relationship matters will be a central focus this week. On Monday, if you're single, it's possible that you'll meet someone extra sexy in the most unexpected way. Don't have any expectations; instead, live in the moment and see where it goes! If you're partnered up, you and your mate will experience an emotional turning point in your relationship this Wednesday. You might feel pressured to make an immediate decision but at the same time, you may be uncertain. Go with your feelings.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — If you're pining away for someone you know you can't be with, living in fantasyland might start to be a little too much after Friday. Until December 30 you'll have an opportunity to free yourself of whatever insecurities lead you to fall for someone who is unattainable. Do you really believe that you deserve to be constantly disappointed in love? If so, this will be a great time to speak to a counselor and gain a new, more helpful perspective.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — With Mercury in your sign after Wednesday, you'll easily communicate thoughts and ideas to your partner in a way that he or she will truly understand. Enjoy the clarity and intensification of conversations and make any important decisions together this week. If single, pay attention to a new development on Friday connected to a friend. A magical conversation with someone special at a party or other social gathering may lead to romantic enchantment. A soul mate connection is possible!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — You might encounter unexpected opposition from one of your parents, or an authority figure in your family, about your personal life. While you will feel shocked about how this relative expresses his or her opinion so abruptly, try not to allow this to influence the choices you make in love. Alternatively, if you're dating someone and the conversation about moving in together or meeting each other's family comes up, do your best to push it off until next week.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — Your social life might be the key to your love life this week. If you're looking to improve things with your sweetheart, consider ways to spice up your social life together. After Friday and until December 30, there's a strong possibility that you'll easily discover shared interests that put the spark back into the time you spend together. If single, consider accepting a pal's invitation to set you up on a blind date. Or, join a new group or club. Someone special might be at a meeting.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — Conversations with your sweetheart might become more private after Wednesday. With the ruler of your romance sector, Mercury, edging into your 12th House of Privacy and Escape, it's likely that you'll want to talk about something you've both been keeping in the closet. Proceed delicately and be sure to broach the topic in a way that doesn't intimidate your lover. This will be a great time to make any breakthroughs in couple's counseling if the two of you are participating in therapy together.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — Romance could be fulfilling this week, but you'll need to be extra careful when it comes to how you handle communication. On Monday it's possible that you'll say something to your lover without thinking it through, only to regret it later. Or, you might make a decision about your love life in haste, only to change your mind after it's too late. Wednesday's Full Moon will fall in your true love sector. Express the feelings you have for someone special clearly, and honestly.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — Your partner's reputation might be more important to you this week. If you're in a relationship with someone, after Friday his or her status might become something you're extra proud of. Perhaps your mate will receive an award or honor and you'll get to be by his or her side during acceptance. The attention and validation your love receives will make your heart soar. Another possibility is that you'll be the one receiving accolades. If so, expect complete adoration from your mate.

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For the Week of Monday, Dec. 7 — This could be a week of erratic communication, but it doesn't necessarily have to affect your love life. Steer clear of any discussion with your mate about finances on Thursday and you'll be fine. Instead, focus on how your love life can be even sweeter when the two of you explore the spiritual side of your connection. Consider participating in a class or workshop connected to a shared metaphysical or spiritual interest on Friday. It'll bring you even closer.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 23 — You might feel a ton of pressure from your boss this week. At the same time, it's possible that you'll hear emotionally charged news from a relative. With these situations consuming your attention, there might be little time or energy for romance. If you're married or in a relationship, be aware of a rash decision you or your partner might make about money. Don't do anything without discussing it with each other first. Then, sleep on it before you follow through.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 30 — You and your sweetheart will want something bigger this week. On Friday Venus will move into the part of your chart connected to the higher mind. As a result, until December 30 you'll seek more than just a physical bond with your mate. You'll want to expand your horizons together spiritually, intellectually, and culturally. Consider taking a trip together to a part of the world you've both wanted to explore. Or, sign up to learn a new language or philosophy together. You'll be glad you did.