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Weekly Love Horoscope – November 9th, 2015

Weekly Love Horoscope - November 9th, 2015

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — Sometimes, love just hurts. This week, you might feel as if a wound you thought was healed is suddenly ripped wide open again. You might wonder if you can really trust your partner, and if he or she is actually hurting your reputation rather than lifting you up. Although you might feel like you're questioning everything about your relationship this week, avoid decisions. These days, nothing is as it seems.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — If you're involved in an office romance, things should get extra steamy this week. On Monday you and your lover might decide to go public about your relationship. Or, it's possible that the two of you will get caught displaying a bit too much PDA on the job. Be careful! On Sunday Venus will move into your relationship sector, and balance between you and your mate will be a higher priority. You'll focus less on your personal needs and more on your partner's, which will be a nice change of pace.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — Venus is already in your relationship sector as the week begins, which has you completely into making things as nice as possible with your love. This week, your ruler, Mars, will also join the party. After Thursday there's nothing you won't do to ensure your relationship works. Although there might be no shortage of passion, you'll also have an interesting lesson about knowing when to push your partner and knowing when to back off. Is all fair in love and war? You're about to find out. Game on!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — Avoid talking to your colleagues about your love life — at all costs. There's a distinct possibility that one of them will be so jealous that he or she may attempt to sabotage your relationship. Alternatively, if you're involved in an office romance, this is the week to keep things as discreet as possible. Something might happen that puts you in a vulnerable position. Head it off at the pass.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — Your love life continues to please this week! On Monday Venus and Mars embrace in your romance sector, helping to set off even more sparks between you and your sweetheart. If you're in a fairly new relationship it's possible that you'll be ready to take things to a more physical level now. If you and your lover are more established you'll still benefit from this connection. The two of you will be like two peas in a pod. Expect this to last all week!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — A New Moon in your relationship sector on Wednesday will help you and your partner begin anew in some capacity. Whether you've been together for years or if you're newly attached doesn't matter. This lunation sets the stage for a fresh start in your relationship dynamic. What do you want to change or initiate in order to make your love connection even deeper? The two weeks after this New Moon offer you a green light to go for it … together.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — If there was ever an "ouch" week in matters of the heart, this is it — especially for you! Venus, now in your true love sector, will square off with Pluto on Friday. There could be a testy situation happening between you and your lover that threatens to erode your trust. Or, your betrayal buttons might be pushed somehow. If you find yourself feeling mistrustful, don't sit and stew about it. Have a conversation with your sweetheart. Stat!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You and your sweetheart will be quite content this week staying close to home, snug as two bugs in a rug! On Monday this energy peaks so don't be surprised if you and your love both decide to sleep in and either take the day off or go to work later. If you can both work from home that would be ideal — it'll be productive and romantic. Then on Sunday, love planet Venus moves into your true love sector. If you're single, a new dating prospect may be on the horizon.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — Your love life is sure to heat up this week. Mars, the planet of energy and sex, will enter your romance sector for the first time in two years this Thursday. Until January 3 you'll have the opportunity to pursue more pleasure than you have in quite some time. With Venus already in this part of your chart, if you're single, a love connection is imminent! If you're attached, expect passion everywhere. On Friday you and your partner will feel as if you've got something that can stand the test of time. It can.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — If you feel as if your mate is trying to manipulate a situation to his or her liking, you're likely to push back with surprising force. The thing is, when it comes to home and hearth, you must have emotional security at all costs. If your partner's behavior gives you any impression that it will be threatened, you'll be ready to fight back. Just try not to overreact. This week, that will be all too easy to do.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — Mercury enters your true love sector on Monday, allowing you and your sweetheart to enjoy communication with greater depth. The fact that Venus and Mars embrace in your communication sector on the same day only adds to the amazing mental connection between you and your lover. On Thursday there might be an intense situation between the two of you that serves to strengthen your bond. Either way, this week you'll both agree: The brain is your favorite erogenous zone. Work it!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — A New Moon in your romance sector on Wednesday has great potential. If you're single, use the two weeks following this lunation to circulate more and increase your odds of meeting someone special. You're likely to fall for the strong and silent type now … the deep and mysterious person who is trying to get lost in the crowd rather than stand out. Getting to know this person might be your main priority and if so, you're not likely to be disappointed.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — Most everyone else will have a difficult week for romance, but as long as you're not mixing business with pleasure, it appears you're in luck. On Friday Mercury will enter your 5th House of True Love, followed by the Sun on Sunday. You'll have a decided edge in communicating from the heart with dating prospects. Expect a strong mental connection with someone you feel can truly light up your life.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — This week you'll surely feel treasured by your sweetheart. On Monday expect him or her to shower you with love and compliments — especially about how indispensable you are. Not only will you feel the passionate flames of love burning brightly, but you'll also know that your sweetheart truly appreciates the little things you do every day to show your love. On Sunday Venus moves into your communication sector, and conversations with you and your mate look sweeter than ever.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — You already have the grace to communicate with your mate thanks to Venus moving into your message sector last week. This week, on Thursday, you'll also gain the courage to discuss any situation that you previously felt anxious or intimidated about. Mars will join the same area of your chart as Venus, and will remain there until January 3. You will not shy away from talking about anything. On Friday you'll even notice that you and your partner can make an important decision effortlessly.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — Give your partner the benefit of the doubt this week, if at all possible. On Wednesday Neptune will turn direct in your relationship sector, and the power of his station may cast clouds over everything that has to do with your love life. Forgiveness and unconditional love will be ideal — as long as you're up for taking the high road during a confusing week where nothing will be clear. Still, just to be safe, if you're dating someone casually, keep your money to yourself.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You might be the luckiest sign of all this week when it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo. On Monday Venus and Mars will embrace in your sign, offering you a taste of the most delicious romantic feast you can conjure up. Expect to feel more attractive and desired by your partner and as a result, you'll be ready for love! Then, on Thursday you and your sweetheart might enjoy a deep and meaningful conversation on a topic you previously shied away from.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — An intense discussion with your sweetheart on Tuesday might lead to a positive turning point in your relationship. The two of you might both be wondering exactly where this romance is going. Although you might not reach a solid definition just yet, one thing will become clear: You're both invested in seeing exactly where the road leads. Another plus is that you'll both be more interested in talking about what really matters this week, rather than superficial matters. As a result, your bond will only grow stronger.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — The last thing you'll want to do this week is deal with a relative invading your love life. Unfortunately, a family member might have strong opinions about your relationship, and they don't appear to be positive. If you get the sense that he or she is trying to sabotage your happiness without just cause, you're likely to react in a most ungraceful manner. Do your best to convey to your relative that he or she needs to mind their own business without losing your cool.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You and your sweetheart might enjoy a secret rendezvous early in the week. There's definitely a lot happening in your love life behind closed doors! Then on Sunday, your ruler, Venus, will enter your sign! This is an extra blessed event since Venus is now at home in a sign she rules. Plus, since it's your sign, you will benefit the most from her gifts. Expect to look more beautiful, feel more confident, and enjoy a lovely phase of harmony with your mate.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — You're already the "fairest of them all" these days thanks to Venus moving through your sign since last week. This week, you'll also become the sexiest of them all! Be sure to thank Mars for this honor. On Thursday he'll enter Libra and will remain in your sign until January 3. This once-in-two-years journey will help you become more motivated to pursue whatever (and whomever) gets your blood pumping most. Don't waste it!

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — Your love life might feel a bit like you're lost in a soap opera this week. Neptune, the planet of unconditional love but also illusion and confusion, will turn direct on Wednesday after having been retrograde for several months. Since he will turn direct in your romance sector, you might be certain you've stepped right into a fairytale and met a soulmate. Or, you might just wake up and realize you've been kissing a frog all along. Expect drama either way.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — If you've been on the fence about going from friends to lovers with someone special, this is the week to take the plunge! On Monday Venus and Mars will be in a heated embrace smack dab in your friendship sector. What better support could there be than this? Make the first move and stop overthinking things. After Sunday you might prefer a more private approach to matters of the heart. That's perfect. After all, there's more room for romance when you lock out every possible distraction.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — In many ways, this is your week. A New Moon on Wednesday will fall in your sign, allowing you to create an important fresh start in just about any area of your life you choose. If it happens to be your love life you're looking to change, you're in luck. This lunation will be at a gorgeous angle to Neptune, the planet of inspiration, now in your romance sector. A soul mate might be closer than you think. Manifest it.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — If one of your friends is sending mixed signals your way, this week it might prove to be too frustrating to handle. This pal of yours might openly flirt with you one day and then act coy — or even cold — the next. If so, it'll be clear that he or she is playing a game and you won't have it. You might decide to end the friendship altogether — even if you share an attraction for this person. In the end, it's probably not worth the aggravation.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — You might spend more time this week on career matters. The good news is that if you're in a relationship, there's every indication that your partner will be fully supportive as you focus on your professional goals. In fact, he or she might be your greatest cheerleader. Then on Sunday, your social life picks up dramatically. If single, this will be a great time to accept a friend's offer to hook you up with someone special.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — A New Moon in Scorpio this Wednesday might have more of an effect on your intimate life than you think. It will fall in your private 12th house — the area of your chart connected to deep anxieties, and where we tend to sabotage ourselves due to insecurity or blind spots. Since Scorpio is all about deep intimacy, you'll now have an opportunity to face one of your most crushing fears or worries connected to getting as close as possible with someone special. Be brave.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — With Venus moving toward a tense square to Pluto this week, your love life might feel extra bumpy. Be honest with yourself and consider whether or not you're dating someone because you truly feel an attraction and admiration for the person, or if there's a hidden agenda. You might be dating someone because of his or her status, or because this person is a piece of eye candy. Superficial romance won't survive a week like this. Be honest with yourself.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — What will strike you as the ultimate in "sexy" this week is whether or not you and your lover share a deeper spiritual connection. Are you on the same wavelength philosophically and ethically? Do you have something to teach one another — can you grow in this relationship? Happily, it appears that the answer to these questions is a resounding YES! Snuggle up to your partner and treasure how blessed you are to be connected: mind, body, and soul.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — If you're looking to jumpstart your social life, you're in luck. This Wednesday a New Moon will fall in your 11th House of Groups and Friends. If you've been neglecting your personal life in favor of career pursuits, you might realize that you're now a bit lonely. Romance might also have eluded you because you're usually so busy prioritizing work. No worries! Now, you'll have more invitations and opportunities to enjoy time with friends. Take them — it might lead to you meeting someone quite captivating.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — If you're hiding the fact that you have a true moral difference with someone you're dating, this week you won't be able to keep up the facade any longer. In fact, something might click and you'll realize that you were not only being untrue to yourself, but that you simply cannot be in a relationship with someone who is so not on your level. When it comes to love, ethics matter. Always.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — The depth of feelings you share with your partner will surely be felt this week. On Monday you might even reach a point where the power of your romantic bond transforms each of you at a level you never even anticipated. Sexually, you will feel safe enough with your mate to explore you most erotic desires. Emotionally, you'll each invite the other into the places you hide when feeling vulnerable. This is more than love … it's intimacy.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — If you're single and looking to meet someone special, your prospects look quite interesting these days. Last week love planet Venus entered the part of your chart connected to mind expansion and internationalism. This suggests that you might meet someone new through a learning endeavor (college campus for example), through international travel, or even meet someone who is from another part of the world. This Thursday action planet Mars joins the same part of your chart in relationship Libra. This might trigger a meeting.

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For the Week of Monday, Nov. 16 — You might not know what you want this week when it comes to love … or anything else. If possible, take this week as a time-out from making any significant romantic decisions. If you are dating someone and he or she is giving you an ultimatum about the relationship, you might be so confused that you make the wrong choice. Or, you might make a significant relationship decision out of guilt. Don't! Next week you'll only wake up to realize you've been manipulated.

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 2 — When it comes to love and passion, this week you will certainly have your fill. On Monday Venus and Mars embrace in your relationship sector, offering you and your mate one of the sexiest opportunities possible. Whatever else might be on your agenda, be sure to make time for love! Then after Sunday, it's possible that you and your partner will receive amazing financial news. The two of you might have a joint investment that does quite well. Enjoy the profits!

For the Week of Monday, Nov. 9 — If you're in a relationship, there's a lot happening these days around joint finances as well as the more intimate physical and psychological depths of your love connection. This week, it's possible that you and your mate will gain the courage to work through a situation that you both have tried hard to sweep under the rug in the past. This approach is not serving you well. In fact, it's only eroding the trust you have in each other. Fortunately, you'll both feel motivated to fix it. Get to work!