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Weekly Love Horoscope – January 18th, 2016

Weekly Love Horoscope - January 18th, 2016

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — The Moon will move through your partnership sector Thursday through Saturday night. Usually this heralds a time of deeper emotional connection to your mate but this time around, you might feel more frustration than anything else. A conversation between you and your partner might leave you feeling as if you're not supported at all as you try to achieve your more worldly ambitions. You might decide to keep you're your goals to yourself as a result. Ouch!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Romantic excitement is on the docket — front and center! You'll want to have an adventure with your lover and luckily, he or she will be more than happy to play. You might plan a trip together overseas or even spontaneously hop on a plane and visit fantasy island with your mate. You know that place — the dream destination you've always wanted to go to. Your partner might even be the one who presents you with surprise plane tickets. Get packing!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — A Full Moon in your romance sector on Saturday will lead to a turning point in your love life. Luckily, it appears that your heart is full and you're in a very happy place with someone special. If you've been casually dating someone, you might realize that your feelings run much deeper than you've let on. Also, another important consideration in love will reveal itself: does your sweetheart add or detract from your reputation? Suddenly, this question becomes more vital for you to answer.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — The Moon will move through your true love sector Monday through Wednesday, offering you a gorgeous opportunity to feel emotional harmony with someone you're dating. Adding to the happiness will be the fact that Mercury turns direct in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Monday. This will provide a heavenly temporary Grand Earth Trine for you that can jumpstart your love life through mentally connecting with your sweetheart. Saturday will be divine — expect a romantic dream to come true.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Jupiter is traveling through your romance sector this year helping you open your heart and attract romantic prospects in the most extraordinary way. This week, if single pay close attention to whom you meet with an unusual flair. He or she might be from another part of the world and leave you absolutely captivated. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner will make a financial decision together that's just between the two of you. It'll be positive!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — You'll feel the power of love this week in the most astounding way. Your mate will have the ability to lift you up and help you materialize one of your most heartfelt goals. He or she will support you as you dream big, but even more so, will remind you that you have all the muscle you need inside of yourself to make this dream come true. Still doubt yourself? Don't. Your partner will help you every step of the way!

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — Sure, your ruling planet Mercury turns direct this week. Unfortunately, he won't do a darn thing to help you out romantically. In fact, you can expect trouble in the communication department. Mercury will be at a harsh angle to both Pluto and Uranus and since he'll just be turning direct, he may overreact in his zeal. You might be way too excited to discuss a financial situation with your mate and might come across as extremely pushy in order to get your way. Be aware.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life is electric this week! Expect plenty of surprises from your mate — the kind that will tickle your fancy. Not only will you enjoy a happy and stress-free week in matters of the heart, but you'll also feel pleasantly surprised by your lover in some way. He or she might surprise you with a gesture that helps you get closer to one of your personal aspirations. Wow, that's a groovy kind of love!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Communicating from the heart will be much easier. By Saturday, you'll know that no matter what, it's time to be true to your feelings and to express them to the person who matters most. Also, after Saturday and until February 16, there might be a welcome boost in finances for you and your partner to enjoy together. He or she might receive a raise or the two of you might learn that an investment has done better than either of you expected.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — You'll want to be as delicate as possible as you communicate with your partner. He or she might easily fly off the handle, so do your best to remain calm as ideas are exchanged and opinions voiced. If you feel your partner is trying to force his or her position on you, try not to engage in an angry quarrel. You'll only regret it. The good news? Your spiritual connection will be strong on Saturday. Make the most of it.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Expect smooth sailing this week in the relationship department. Conversations between you and your mate will focus on the positive, and you might even spend time happily strolling down memory lane together. Reminiscing about the past will only strengthen the bond you share in the present. You'll focus on dialogue that lifts each other up rather than drags you down. Life is beautiful when your partner's words inspire you. Enjoy!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Your partner will leave you feeling more appreciated and validated this week on so many levels. For starters, you can expect a boost in overall confidence due to your mate being so open about how awesome he or she thinks you are. In addition, if you and your partner are thinking about making a stronger commitment to each other, between Saturday and February 16, there's a good indication that you'll take the plunge.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — This week you'll be certain that your sweetheart loves you just the way you are. Whatever personal improvements you seek out for yourself, you can be certain that your lover will do absolutely nothing to make you feel as if you truly need them. If, for example, you think you need to lose a few pounds, your lover will cover you in kisses, exclaiming that "You're perfect!" Now that's unconditional love at its finest.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life is on fire this week! Venus is still moving through your romance sector, promising no shortage of opportunities in the dating pool. On Tuesday, Venus will give Uranus a sexy nod, electrifying your romantic prospects and opening you up to meeting someone you isn't your usual type. There is every potential for a "love at first sight" connection with this energy so get ready for some heart pounding escapades.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — This week's Full Moon in your sign will signal a peak in emotional sensitivity for you. There's no way for you to be casual or nonchalant about your feelings for someone special. In fact, you might suddenly feel an urgency to define a relationship that you previously felt comfortable letting flow. If single, after Saturday, the potential for an office romance heats up. Alternatively, you might meet someone sexy at the gym or while waiting for a doctor's appointment.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — This week you can expect some good, bad, and ugly when it comes to romance. Mercury turns direct on Monday — right in your true love sector. If you've been going back and forth about a decision connected to your love life, you might feel as if clarity has finally found you. Unfortunately, you might not have any tact as you express yourself to your mate. Be aware! At least you can enjoy Venus kissing Neptune on Saturday. Enchanting romance will be yours for the taking.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — You might have won the romance jackpot this week! Jupiter is still moving through your sign, offering you plenty of optimism and blessings. This week Jupiter will be at a perfect angle to both the Sun and Mercury, both moving through your true love sector. Since Mercury is retrograde, it's quite possible that you'll hook up with an old flame and realize that there might be a very good reason to give this love connection a second chance. Wow!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Love is in the air! If you're single and hoping to open your heart, you're in luck. On Saturday, Venus will move into your romance sector where she'll remain until February 16. Under the blessings of this cosmic energy you might meet someone very special — someone who truly magnetizes you. Even if you're attached there's good news. You and your lover might find more time to share in the pleasures of life together. Or, you could be thinking about having a baby together.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — You'll have plenty of practice this week being the famous peacemaker that you are. It looks like at least one of your relatives plans to hash it out with your partner, much to your frustration. While you'll want to avoid being in the middle of a sticky situation, at the same time, you might not appreciate the level of disrespect someone in your clan is showing your mate. Intervene — tactfully, of course.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life will be anything but boring this week. If attached, your lover will want to explore new horizons together. He or she might approach you with an out-of-the-box request to do something quirky and experimental together. This may or may not involve the bedroom, but whatever your lover proposes will surely get your heart beating faster. A little risqué conversation will also help to keep that spark alive. Ooh la-la!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Your family's opinion about your love life will become more important after Saturday. Luckily, it appears that they'll offer you nothing but supportive words and positive vibes. If you haven't yet introduced your sweetheart to your clan, consider making that happen between Saturday and February 16. There's every indication that your clan will welcome your sweetie right into the family with open arms! In other news, there's potential that one of your friends knows exactly who to set you up with if you're single. Be open.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — Communication on the job won't be smooth this week, but fortunately, your love life will more than make up for any stress at work. You'll look to your lover to ease your frazzled nerves if you and a colleague hash it out. Your sweetheart will be there for you, and will also be the voice of reason. He or she will encourage you to figure out a way to peacefully resolve whatever sticky situation you're handling professionally.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Expect plenty of buzz in your social life — enough to help kick up your love life a notch or two! Consider going out with another couple this week. You and your sweetie will enjoy intellectually stimulating conversation along with good old fashioned fun. If you're single, there's a good chance that you'll meet someone very special at your gym or at the office. A sudden love connection might take you by surprise.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Your most dreamy romantic fantasies are about to be brought to life this week. On Monday, Mars, now in your sign, will be at a perfect angle to Neptune, the planet of unconditional love which is currently nestled in your true love sector. Mars is action, ambition and libido. He helps us go after whatever we want with courage and wild abandon. This week, there's no doubt about it — you're going after the love of a lifetime. And there's every indication that you'll get it.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — If you mix money and love this week, you'll surely regret it. In fact, your words might come across as downright acerbic to your sweetheart because of a financial disagreement. Unfortunately, it might be time for you to lay down the law and get a few things off your chest. Hopefully, the situation isn't as terrible as you might initially think it is. If, however, your lover is blatantly freeloading off of you, you'll have to re-evaluate your situation. That isn't love — it's called being used.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — With Venus in your sign, you're enjoying a lot more attention than usual. This week, you can expect even more romantic excitement thanks to Venus sizzling with Uranus in your true love sector. You and your lover will want to break out of your comfort zone and try something new together. This can be anything from a new restaurant to some sexy new moves in the bedroom. One way or another you'll definitely be hot stuff!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — An unexpected argument between you and your lover might hint at trouble in paradise. On Wednesday, be certain that you really want to "go there" with your sweetheart. A seemingly innocent conversation may suddenly take a troubled turn and before you know it, you'll be engaged in a war of words. The topic? Money, of course. Then tension might only continue into Friday if you're not careful. But then again, this blow-up might be long overdue.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — Your mouth could get you in serious trouble this week — especially on the home front. If you and a relative are hashing it out, you might say something you later regret. The good news is that if you find yourself in hot water with a family member, your lover may quickly come to your rescue. He or she will help you figure out a way to sincerely apologize for any crass words you let out in a fit of anger. Be grateful.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — You might have an unexpected opportunity for a secret encounter with someone special. If you are dating someone and your relationship is clandestine for one reason or another, it's likely that this week you'll both feel that you're happier keeping things quiet and just between the two of you. It's not necessarily due to any salacious reason. Perhaps the two of you simply prefer being discreet. This week, that approach will lead to heart pounding rewards.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Venus enters your sign on Saturday, helping improve your love life in every possible way. Additionally, a Full Moon on Saturday will fall in your 8th House of Shared Resources and Intimacy. This happens to be the area of your chart that connects to where you feel most vulnerable. Remember, true love begins with giving your lover permission to access those places you want to hide. This week, you might be ready to do exactly that.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — Your lover might boost your confidence in the most extraordinary way this week. He or she may cheer you on as you work to develop one of your talents that you are insecure about sharing with others. Not only will your sweetheart recognize how amazing you truly are with this gift, but you'll also feel as if the sky is truly the limit. As long as you have your partner's unwavering support, it is.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — If you and a friend share mutual chemistry, it's possible that one of you will make an unexpected move that will take your relationship to the next level. There's every indication that you'll be making the right choice if you go from friends to lovers. Although you might have been thinking about this for quite some time, you still needed a push in order to actually take this out of your mind and into your reality. This week, that just might happen.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Emotions may run high for you and your partner this week. Your love connection will be a focus thanks to Saturday's Full Moon in your relationship sector. A sense of fulfillment is possible, but you might also feel hypersensitive and more vulnerable in matters of the heart. Adding to this is the fact that Venus will enter the most private area of your chart on the same day. Romantic insecurities might need to be addressed.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 25 — Your social life might be messier this week than usual. If so, it's likely due to the fact that you're speaking your mind without any thought to how your words can make someone close feel. A little delicacy can go a long way! Fortunately, if you have been crushing on a friend, you might finally have the courage to finally speak up about your feelings. A romantic gesture toward this person on Saturday might have an enchanting result.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your partner will be your sounding board and greatest cheerleader this week. He or she will help you iron out a solid plan to help manifest one of your most heartfelt aspirations. In addition, he or she will rally to support you, inspire you, and lift you up in ways that will only deepen your love. Knowing that your mate believes in you and loves you unconditionally will give you the strength to achieve anything. You are blessed!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 18 — Your social life will be the key to your love life. Starting Saturday and until February 16, Venus will move through your 11th House of Friends. This is also the area of your chart connected to your greatest hopes. With Venus here, if falling in love is on your list of top aspirations, you'll now have extraordinary support to help make that happen. Be sure to accept a friend's invitation to set you up on a blind date if single. Magic is in the air!