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Weekly Love Horoscope – January 4th, 2016

Weekly Love Horoscope - January 4th, 2016

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Romantic excitement is on the docket — front and center! You'll want to have an adventure with your lover and luckily, he or she will be more than happy to play. You might plan a trip together overseas or even spontaneously hop on a plane and visit fantasy island with your mate. You know that place — the dream destination you've always wanted to go to. Your partner might even be the one who presents you with surprise plane tickets. Get packing!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — Avoid talking to your partner about career matters on Tuesday. You'll only become aggravated by how the conversation turns. Shared resources with a partner will become a key area of focus after Sunday, and a joint decision about finances is likely. If single, after Wednesday you could meet someone from another culture or background — someone you find intriguing. You'll immediately know that he or she has something very special to teach you.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — A disappointing realization that you and your partner don't necessarily share core beliefs and values might nag at you. While it's true that you respect your mate's differences, at the same time there are certain areas you're not willing to compromise on. This week, it's possible that one of those key hot buttons of yours will be pushed. You'll need to decide whether it's possible to agree to disagree or, if it's a deal breaker.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Jupiter is traveling through your romance sector this year helping you open your heart and attract romantic prospects in the most extraordinary way. This week, if single pay close attention to whom you meet with an unusual flair. He or she might be from another part of the world and leave you absolutely captivated. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner will make a financial decision together that's just between the two of you. It'll be positive!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — After Wednesday you and your partner may enjoy an extra financial boost. The two of you might have made an investment together and if so, you may discover that it has done quite well. Another possibility is that your mate will announce that he or she has received a fabulous raise. After Sunday you'll feel even more motivated than usual to experience true intensity with your love. You'll explore the depths of your connection in a deeply satisfying way.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — By wanting to see only the best possible outcome with finances between you and your mate, you'll realize this week that you've only been avoiding reality. The disenchantment you may feel in knowing that you can't count on your partner for monetary support in the way you'd hoped, will only be overshadowed by the disappointment you'll feel in yourself for craving that kind of situation in the first place. Take control of your own destiny — stop waiting for your partner to rescue you.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life is electric this week! Expect plenty of surprises from your mate — the kind that will tickle your fancy. Not only will you enjoy a happy and stress-free week in matters of the heart, but you'll also feel pleasantly surprised by your lover in some way. He or she might surprise you with a gesture that helps you get closer to one of your personal aspirations. Wow, that's a groovy kind of love!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — After Wednesday your relationship with your partner may experience noticeable improvements. Venus will enter your partnership sector, and until January 23 you and your love will both agree that harmony and happiness are more important than sweating the small stuff. You'll make it a point not to allow anything to drive a wedge between you. If you're dating someone, it's possible that you and your lover will decide to make a stronger commitment to each other now. It's all good!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — Expect a time of reckoning in the relationship department. If you're trying to fool yourself into thinking there isn't something to work out between you and your mate, this week you're in for a sobering reality check. By Friday, it'll be clear that if you and your partner aren't willing to roll up your sleeves and work together to resolve an area of restriction and conflict in your partnership, there might be serious trouble ahead.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Expect smooth sailing this week in the relationship department. Conversations between you and your mate will focus on the positive, and you might even spend time happily strolling down memory lane together. Reminiscing about the past will only strengthen the bond you share in the present. You'll focus on dialogue that lifts each other up rather than drags you down. Life is beautiful when your partner's words inspire you. Enjoy!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — On Tuesday, don't engage your partner in any heated conversation about a domestic matter. Tempers may flare and words might hurt much more than either of you intend. If single, after Wednesday you might meet someone special at your gym, while waiting for a doctor's appointment, or even at the office. If attached, expect to spend more time with your sweetheart paying attention to health. Your sex life may improve after Sunday — until March 5 your libido will surely intensify.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — An office romance might go from a dream come true to a major problem this week. You might hear disheartening news this week from your HR department about a policy that prohibits you from dating coworkers. If you are truly in a happy place with your new love one of you might need to choose between continuing at your current company or leaving your job in order to salvage the relationship. A difficult decision for sure.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life is on fire this week! Venus is still moving through your romance sector, promising no shortage of opportunities in the dating pool. On Tuesday, Venus will give Uranus a sexy nod, electrifying your romantic prospects and opening you up to meeting someone you isn't your usual type. There is every potential for a "love at first sight" connection with this energy so get ready for some heart pounding escapades.

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — If you're single and looking for love, Leo, you're in luck. This Wednesday Venus will enter your romance sector and will remain in this part of your chart until January 23. Put forth some effort and the universe is ready to reward you with love. Get off your couch and attend more social events. Someone with the power to capture your heart may be closer than you think. If you're in a relationship, after Sunday communication between you and your mate improves.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — This will be a defining week. Although you might want to avoid a weighty decision concerning the current state of your love life, by the end of the week, you'll realize it's just not an option. If you're casually dating someone who you know isn't the right fit, you'll need to be responsible enough to end things before one of you gets hurt. Don't stay with someone just because the alternative would make you lonely. That's not love.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — You might have won the romance jackpot this week! Jupiter is still moving through your sign, offering you plenty of optimism and blessings. This week Jupiter will be at a perfect angle to both the Sun and Mercury, both moving through your true love sector. Since Mercury is retrograde, it's quite possible that you'll hook up with an old flame and realize that there might be a very good reason to give this love connection a second chance. Wow!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — An argument between you and your sweetheart is possible on Tuesday. If this happens, it'll most likely be about money. Recognize if the conversation becomes too heated and if so, decide to put a pin in it until the both of you calm down. Fortunately, a relative might act as a mediator for the two of you after Wednesday, so this tension won't last long. Another possibility is that you and your lover will begin the process of moving in together.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — A sense of discontent is possible this week — especially if you and your partner live together or are experiencing a rough patch domestically. You might feel as if your mate isn't being supportive while you're struggling to help out one of your relatives. Or, it's possible that the two of you can't agree on a decision that will affect your family. This might be a stalemate. The question is, can you be okay with that?

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your love life will be anything but boring this week. If attached, your lover will want to explore new horizons together. He or she might approach you with an out-of-the-box request to do something quirky and experimental together. This may or may not involve the bedroom, but whatever your lover proposes will surely get your heart beating faster. A little risqué conversation will also help to keep that spark alive. Ooh la-la!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — Are you single and hoping to meet someone special? After Wednesday you might consider allowing one of your siblings to set you up on a date with someone he or she thinks would be an ideal match for you. Another possibility is that you'll meet someone right in your own backyard. A sexy someone might move on your block or in your apartment building. Be a friendly neighbor and introduce yourself; it might lead to something special.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — A conversation you might have tried hard to avoid with your partner might now be inevitable. Although you'll feel as if you're constantly rehashing the past, realize that it'll be necessary to engage in a dialogue that unsettles whatever you thought was conveniently swept under the rug. The good news is that once you have everything out in the open you can begin resolving the trouble. Even so, it will require work and commitment. Are you ready?

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Expect plenty of buzz in your social life — enough to help kick up your love life a notch or two! Consider going out with another couple this week. You and your sweetie will enjoy intellectually stimulating conversation along with good old fashioned fun. If you're single, there's a good chance that you'll meet someone very special at your gym or at the office. A sudden love connection might take you by surprise.

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — Don't allow a sibling's input about your love life frustrate you. Try not to engage in any defensive dialogue if your brother or sister puts their nose where it doesn't belong. It's not worth the aggravation. After Wednesday, if you're in a relationship, you'll feel much more validated and appreciated by your mate. Expect this trend to continue through January 23. On Sunday Mars enters your sign, and your intensity and sex appeal will be off the charts!

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — Ready or not, it's time to have a talk with your sweetheart about money. If you're dating someone and feel as if he or she isn't pulling their share of the weight with discretionary expenses, this week you'll realize that you can't keep shelling out all the dough. Your bank account is suffering but so is your ego. In fact, you might start to wonder if your love is really all that into you — or if it's more about what you can buy him or her. Ouch!

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — With Venus in your sign, you're enjoying a lot more attention than usual. This week, you can expect even more romantic excitement thanks to Venus sizzling with Uranus in your true love sector. You and your lover will want to break out of your comfort zone and try something new together. This can be anything from a new restaurant to some sexy new moves in the bedroom. One way or another you'll definitely be hot stuff!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — Once Venus enters your sign this Wednesday, you'll look and feel more beautiful than you have in quite some time. Because you'll give off a vibe of enhanced confidence and exuberance, you can expect to attract more romantic interest your way. This trend will continue until January 23, so make the most of it! If you're already in a relationship you might feel more connected to your partner now. He or she will surely appreciate you.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — If there's one thing you'll be serious about this week, it is love. Venus and Saturn will connect in Sagittarius by Friday, forcing you to wake up and smell the coffee — no matter how bitter it is. Although you might hear nothing but glowing remarks from your family about your lover, you'll know deep inside that they are not seeing the entire picture. You know what's really bothering you about the current state of your relationship. Stop ignoring it!

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — You might have an unexpected opportunity for a secret encounter with someone special. If you are dating someone and your relationship is clandestine for one reason or another, it's likely that this week you'll both feel that you're happier keeping things quiet and just between the two of you. It's not necessarily due to any salacious reason. Perhaps the two of you simply prefer being discreet. This week, that approach will lead to heart pounding rewards.

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — Romance may become more of a private affair this week. Starting Wednesday and until January 23, Venus will move through the most hidden area of your chart – your 12th house. As a result, you're likely to want to keep your lover to yourself as much as possible. Instead of parties and other social gatherings, you might prefer to snuggle up together alone in the privacy of your own home. Or, you might consider a couple's retreat in order to recharge your spiritual batteries together.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — If you've been keeping a painful secret about your love life or have unresolved hurts buried inside, this week you'll have an opportunity to face your insecurities. Although it won't be easy, consider talking to a trusted counselor or friend who can help you untangle the knots that prevent you from experiencing true, happy and real love. You can conquer your fears if your heart is fragile from a past betrayal. And yes, you can also learn to trust again.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — If you and a friend share mutual chemistry, it's possible that one of you will make an unexpected move that will take your relationship to the next level. There's every indication that you'll be making the right choice if you go from friends to lovers. Although you might have been thinking about this for quite some time, you still needed a push in order to actually take this out of your mind and into your reality. This week, that just might happen.

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — In your world of must-haves connected to love and romance, you absolutely must be friends with your partner. In fact, you prefer your partner to be your best friend. Happily, this week you're likely to feel as if your mate fits that description perfectly. If you're single it's possible that you and a friend will decide to explore that undeniable chemistry you share together. Go for it! Another possibility is that a friend will offer to set you up with someone. Say yes.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — If you and a friend recently decided to explore any mutual chemistry you share, this week you might regret that decision. It's possible that once you went from friends to lovers, you suddenly were no longer feeling it. Or, it's possible that the two of you are just too awkward together as a couple and would have been much better off keeping it platonic. Don't avoid an honest conversation with your pal about this. It has to happen.

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For the Week of Monday, Jan. 11 — Your partner will be your sounding board and greatest cheerleader this week. He or she will help you iron out a solid plan to help manifest one of your most heartfelt aspirations. In addition, he or she will rally to support you, inspire you, and lift you up in ways that will only deepen your love. Knowing that your mate believes in you and loves you unconditionally will give you the strength to achieve anything. You are blessed!

For the Week of Monday, Dec. 28 — If you're in a relationship, your partner may somehow become much more important to you in terms of status and career advancement. He or she might provide some much appreciated support as you pursue a professional goal. Or, your lover might have the ability to finance one of your business ideas. One way or another, you'll feel more proud than ever to have your sweetheart in your life. Somehow, he or she makes you better. And this week, the world knows it.

For the Week of Monday, Jan. 4 — If you've been offered a major opportunity professionally, you might feel excited about the potential but also torn about how it will affect your personal life. There might be a major trade-off to climbing up that ladder of success. Perhaps you'll need to travel much more than you used to, or will have to work longer hours and sacrifice a few evenings and weekends. While you'll feel ready for the challenge, your love life might suffer. Are you prepared for that?