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Letter to corps commander: BZU seeks explanation from teacher


MULTAN: The Bahauddin Zakariya University vice chancellor has sought an explanation from the international relations department chairman for writing a letter to the corps commander about alleged security threats to him and the university.

Dr Omer Farooq Zain wrote a letter attached with a set of documents and photographs to the corps commander on Nov 23, claiming that despite several directives from various quarters, the university seriously lacked adequate security arrangements.

In the letter, Zain alleged that he had submitted details to the VC about ‘suspicious activities’ taking place on the campus but no action was taken. He alleged that some faculty members were supporting a ‘militant outfit.’

Earlier, in his letter to VC Dr Tahir Amin, Zain stated that on Nov 1 he was busy preparing data on admissions for the forthcoming session at clerical staff office when he saw two strangers making videos of various parts of the department’s building while all the rooms of the building were locked except the clerical office.

He said the activity was being done at an odd time and he managed to get them photographed.

“On the afternoon of Nov 2, while leaving my office for bank, I noticed a few security guards running toward Abu Bakar Hall in a state of panic. Some students told me that an unidentified person carrying a bag entered the hall despite the efforts of security guard to stop him,” he stated.

In his letter to the VC, Zain cited a news report that four alleged terrorists carrying ammunition, grenades and maps of buildings were recently arrested by the Counter Terrorism Department near the university. The suspects were reportedly planning to target official buildings, including BZU.

He alleged that some elements were looking for opportunities to target him and some faculty members, students and staff. He also sought permission to get a private guard along with official weapon.

In reaction to the letter written to the crops commander, the university administration asked Dr Zain to explain the ‘baseless allegations.’

Registrar Dr Mutahir said the VC didn’t receive any letter from Dr Zain.

He said there was no justification to write a letter to the corps commander by any of faculty members.

“He never tried to meet the VC and me. He should have contacted personally if he did not get any response to his letter which he is claiming he sent,” the registrar said.

Zain said he received the explanation letter on Saturday with direction to reply within three days.