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Iqbal’s new Muslim man

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

The Indian National Congress (INC) and the All India Muslim League (AIML) were both greatly weakened by the collapse of the Khilafat Movement and Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement (1919-1923). Though Muhammad Ali Jinnah had rejected the idea of joining any of the movements (which played out together), he felt deluded by the state of Indian politics in the immediate aftermath of ... Read More »

How I became an Indie game developer

Writing is fun, but writing video games is a new high. Ideas flow at the click of a button, and creativity breeds more creativity. I send a character write-up to an artist, and he/she will then design a rendition. Based on which, I develop more details for my character, like its ethnicity or manner of speaking. A few days back, ... Read More »

Off the map — How to get lost in Tbilisi

“The best way to see Tbilisi is to walk,” Irakli, the owner of a cosy B&B in Old Tbilisi, shared this tip on our first day in the city, while handing us a map and completely dismissing the use of public transportation. Tbilisi — the capital of Georgia — is a hilly city, divided into two parts by the Mtkvari ... Read More »

From Pakistan to India — A new lease on life


It was his life’s race against time. Lahori resident Aslam needed an urgent liver transplant for his 18-year-old daughter Saima. He knew he had no choice but to look outside his resources, and get her the best possible specialised treatment. But unlike other Pakistanis and Indians, Aslam could not pack his family’s bags and leave for Europe or the US. ... Read More »

K2 via Concordia: Trekking through the valley of giants

In July 2016, I embarked on an incredibly memorable, yet challenging, 11-day trek to the base camp of K2 — the highest mountain in Pakistan — with three other Dutch hikers in tow. Arranged by Snowland Treks and Tours, our trip started from Islamabad where we stayed for a day. The next morning, we took a short, but a very ... Read More »

The elusive history and politics of Pakistan’s truck art

Pakistan’s ‘truck art’ is now quite a well-known ‘genre’ around the world. For long, it has been an homegrown art-form in South Asia, especially in Pakistan, where the whole idea of decorating trucks (also, lorries and even rickshaws) with complex floral patterns and poetic calligraphy, has evolved in the most radiant and innovative manner. This indigenous art-form became known to ... Read More »

Don’t celebrate the Punjab women’s violence bill just yet

The recently approved Punjab government's “Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act of 2016” appears at first glance to be a heroic effort to protect women victims of violence. In a nutshell, it contains the following protection mechanisms: a district protection committee a helpline women protection officers protection centres and shelter homes various remedies of orders of protection residence and ... Read More »

What should parents look for in university rankings?

For anxious parents who are about to subsidise their children’s higher education, the choice of university matters: what school to attend and what subjects to study are the key decision parameters. In the absence of objective information, such decisions are often made on anecdotal evidence. Any advice on the quality of education would help parents and students select the right ... Read More »

Johnson & Johnson: ‘No more tears’ — or cancer?

I recently became a first-time father, needless to say, a large part of my day (and night) is spent making sure my child is safe and comfortable. A few months before the birth of my child, I picked up a yellow bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo at a supermarket. The disdainful look of disapproval on my pregnant wife’s face caught ... Read More »