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Daily Horoscope – March 9th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Your spirit is restless, prompting you to start a new project today. Even if there are several logical reasons to wait, one thing after another keeps encouraging you to hurry up and harness the power of the moment. You are quick to push against any resistance so you can make something magical happen. But overly assertive behavior isn’t necessary ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 8th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Your life already seems to be in high gear and the cosmic intensity ratchets up another notch today. The moody Moon’s return to your sign adds an emotional charge to the next couple of days, prompting you to react without restraint. Remember, everyone else isn’t as boisterous as you are now, so be gentle and patient while continuing to ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 7th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow You might feel like you’re floating in an imaginative bubble and time is standing still. However, your inflated balloon could pop today when the Pisces Solar Eclipse rattles your 12th House of Escapism. You already realize big changes are looming on the horizon, but their arrival is accelerated now. You must meet your current obligations while you still have ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 6th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Putting your plan into motion is taking longer than you expected, but recent setbacks finally seem to be left in the dust today. You feel as if you are humming in tune with the whole universe and nothing can get in your way. However, an over-inflated sense of self-importance could lead to an epic failure. Even if everything is ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 5th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Experimenting with a variety of methods to reach satisfaction today may still leave you annoyed if you don’t achieve results as quickly as you wish. Surrounding yourself with loyal friends and family helps keep your energy as positive as possible. But relying on others isn’t a permanent solution to your frustration. Nevertheless, losing yourself in a crowd can temporarily ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 2nd, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Although you may wake up feeling invincible, running into an unexpected problem could motivate you to reconsider your strategy. You might question your chosen path even if you have recently been hopeful about your future. Luckily, your self-doubt won’t likely last for very long if you stand back and reassess your strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, be careful not to ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – March 1st, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow You’re so eager to get what you want today that you might make your move too soon. You may be totally perplexed if your enthusiasm is dampened by insignificant events. But it’s challenging to know exactly how much self-restraint to apply since you don’t want to overwhelm anyone with your irrepressible intensity. On the other hand, neither do you ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – February 29th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Although current challenges may go unresolved today, it might seem as if you are on a temporary holiday. It’s not that the pressing predicaments have disappeared into thin air; it’s just your spirits soar with the Sagittarius Moon, allowing you to fly above the troubles that complicate your life. You’re free to dream about visiting your own future, even ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – February 28th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow Naturally, you prefer to be in total control of your fate, but these days you seem to spend more time responding to external circumstances than creating your own direction. You’re more dependent on the skills of other people and the resources they bring to the table now than is comfortable. Fortunately, you can still manifest your destiny if you ... Read More »

Daily Horoscope – February 27th, 2016

YesterdayTodayTomorrow You’re not ready to relinquish your attachment to the excitement of an upcoming experience, but you still long for a more mellow existence today. You probably don’t even see the irony of loving the adrenaline rush of the unknown while also wanting to get lost in your daydreams. Nevertheless, it’s okay to take an easygoing approach to life now. ... Read More »