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Monthly Horoscope – February 2016

GeneralLove Horoscope February 2016 One of your most heartfelt dreams may soon come true thanks to the magnificent cosmic support you’ll receive this month. It all has to do with your 11th house — the area of your chart connected to your hopes and wishes. This month you’ll enjoy a flurry of planets moving through this sector, energizing it with ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – January 2016

GeneralLove Horoscope January 2016 When your ruling planet Mars changes signs, you tend to jump up and take notice. This month will be no different. On January 3 and until March 5, Mars will move through Scorpio trekking through your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources. This will help motivate you to achieve a deeper, richer and more meaningful ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – December 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope December 2015 There might be significant financial developments this month connected to money that comes to you from a source other than your direct income. Pay special attention to December 11, 17, and 24 for key information connected to this matter. You may hear favorable news about a more attractive benefits package at work, a bonus, or even ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – November 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope November 2015 You’ll be quite motivated to “win” in partnership matters this month. Venus enters your 7th House of Relationships on November 8, followed by Mars, your ruler, on November 12. If there’s anything about your relationship worth fighting for, you’ll surely have the courage to do so. Even if you and your sweetheart end up fighting more ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – October 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope October 2015 You might begin the month struggling with a decision about whether or not you and your partner are truly suited for each other. Or, it’s possible that you are very much in love with your mate but the two of you are having difficulty reaching an important decision together. Do your best to remain patient while ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – September 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope September 2015 Get ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief Aries because your love life is finally about to get back on track! After September 6, you’ll notice that romantic happenings are not only “happening” again, but they’ll be moving in the right direction. Then, after September 13, you might have an incredible work related opportunity. This ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – August 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope August 2015 Your main focus this month continues to revolve around your creative drive, one of your children, and/or matters of the heart. With Venus still retrograde, in the area of your chart ruling these areas (the 5th house), there’s no doubt that the universe wants you to take a giant step forward to get it right. In ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – July 2015

GeneralLove Horoscope July 2015 Your professional world will come into focus at the Full Moon on July 1. There might be an award, honor or other special recognition in store for you if you’ve been working hard towards an achievement. You might be in a position where you can see the fruits of your labor now and there is likely ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – June 2015

GeneralCareerLove Horoscope June 2015 You will feel emotionally tied to your opinions and beliefs near June 2, so if anyone tries to challenge them — watch out! With a Full Moon falling in your 9th House of Beliefs and Higher Perspectives, you’ll answer to a calling much bigger than you or anyone else. Your faith will not be defied.  On ... Read More »

Monthly Horoscope – May 2015

GeneralCareerLove Horoscope May 2015 Near May 3, you might have a visceral reaction to an emotionally-charged situation that you know must be resolved. You might have tried to sweep this under the rug and ignore it, but now that approach is futile. Face it head-on and set yourself free from its grip, once and for all. After May 7, domestic ... Read More »