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Shilpa Shetty trolled on Twitter for thinking Animal Farm is a children’s book

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Sometimes actors forget that everything they say, can and IS held against them. Unfortunately for Shilpa Shetty, her error in mistaking Orwell’s publication as a children’s book landed her as the latest victim of online trolls. In an interview with Indian publication The Mumbai Times, Shilpa was asked to comment on the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination’s (ICSE) ... Read More »

This super-fun mobile game is making it easier to talk about periods


Here’s proof that a childhood spent playing video games isn’t exactly wasted. While Mariam Adil spent hours playing Sim City, Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, she became aware of the fact that “games leave an impression on our brains that transcends the boundaries of the virtual world”. Fast forward a decade or so, Mariam Adil, now an Operations ... Read More »

‘You can either be a celebrity or a musician. I prefer the latter’: Zeb Bangash


Zeb Bangash is one of the busiest, most prolific, well-traveled female vocalists in Pakistan today. She’s also one of the most down-to-earth, which is why many people do not know the extent of her achievements. She is, of course, currently in the limelight again with her latest song for this year’s Coke Studio, the lilting ‘Aja Re Moray Saiyaan’, sung ... Read More »

Atiqa Odho set to play a modern single mother in upcoming film


2016 will mark the return of Atiqa Odho to the Pakistani big screen, as theHumsafar actor will make her comeback in Mehreen Jabbar’s Dobara Phir Se and has already begun work on her next film. This next project is a Canadian based Pakistani movie, for which Atiqa was filming in Toronto. “It’s a comedy written by an Indian writer,” tells ... Read More »

Siri paya: How this breakfast of kings became a household favourite


Once a recurring item on royal menus, siri paya and bong paya remain popular breakfast dishes all year around. One of the oldest shops in Lal Kurti, which goes by the name of Tariq’s paya shop, still serves the best bong paya and uses the original recipe for payas that was handed down generations and travelled all the way with ... Read More »

How a boom in the Halal products industry is good news for (mostly) everyone

By 2050, the global population of Muslims will increase from the current 1.8 billion to 2.8 billion. Undoubtedly, the Muslim world is in flux. With an ever-expanding middle class (around 80 million Muslims are added annually), and with 62% of the population under the age of 25, alongside the rise in numbers has come a rise in the population’s purchasing ... Read More »

What does India think of Momal Sheikh’s Bollywood debut?


It’s unfortunate when a local artist’s Bollywood debut gets banned in Pakistan, case in point: Momal Sheikh and her film Happy Bhag Jayegi. The censor board agrees that the film is a “humorous movie” that provides “sarcastic entertainment”, but also insists that “it is rather anti-Pakistan.” “There’s a scene where the characters are standing under a portrait of Quaid-e-Azam and ... Read More »

Atif Aslam drops out of concert in India due to ‘non-payment of dues’


Atif Aslam fans in Gurgaon are in for a disappointment. The Pakistani crooner has refused to go ahead with his scheduled concert in Gurgaon due to non-payment of dues, reports IANS. The ‘Tu Jaane Na’ singer was supposed to perform at the Leisure Valley venue in Gurgaon this weekend; however, he backed out when “the organiser [did not] transfer us ... Read More »

Here’s the real reason behind Nargis Fakhri’s departure from Bollywood


Nargis Fakhri’s sudden departure from India had the rumour mills churning lots of gossip, from a breakup with Uday Chopra to a nervous breakdown. But it turns out the real reason was of a life-threatening nature! Nargis had arsenic and lead poisoning, reveals Indian Express, and had to rush back to the US for treatment. “When I came here, I ... Read More »